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File: 1421292590473.jpg (60.75 KB, 640x480, Renadrama.jpg)

ID: 1ff88  No.362[Reply]

So, does anyone here attend furry conventions at all? I'm saving up to attend Califur for the first time this year, and the whole conventions scene is pretty new to me.
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ID: 3abe9  No.419

Go to FC and hit the dealers' room. It's big.

One nice facet of the sci-fi/fantasy/everything local con I go to is that the dealers' room is free. No con badge needed. It's not huge, but they always have good stuff. Lots of it is jewelry, leather/fur work, clothing, and blades, fantasy-fandom goods.

ID: 47771  No.420

It was a tiny event. There can't have been more than around 30 people. So after 10 of us dealers and another 10 or so staff, when everyone else is off on their fursuit photoshoot, there isn't anyone else left to browse the dealers room.

Well, it's been a learning experience; I'll have to re-evaluate my expectations. I don't know if I'd be prepared to travel to a bigger, more established furcon, but I'd consider going to this one again next year.

ID: 3abe9  No.421

Yeah, definitely check out a bigger one if you get a chance. My home furcon had a bit over 2500 people last year.

ID: 1ff88  No.436

File: 1422909884963.jpg (239.32 KB, 1280x904, 1421908943.sigecore_sige_c….jpg)

Speaking of high tech fursuits, I just found a damn cyber goat with a Daft Punk face.

Holy shit.

ID: bcfe8  No.437

That's actually pretty cool.

File: 1420759134578.gif (437.93 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mlq4md7nFI1qho6i8o4….gif)

ID: eefd1  No.337[Reply]


This is one of the more Didn't Happen things I've ever seen from these sites.

ID: 3aaa7  No.350

These days, I visit Reddit's "Tales From Retail" sub for my tales of stupid customers. I rarely read any "yeah, that happened" stuff there.

ID: bf191  No.359

ID: eefd1  No.360

ID: 9e214  No.366

File: 1421313210933.jpg (75.13 KB, 639x399, meanwhile-in-romania-mcdon….jpg)

Those sites really need some quality control…

ID: 10e77  No.372

File: 1421343878661.png (442.15 KB, 1254x903, Musketeer hero.png)

File: 1417657111625.png (501.37 KB, 736x656, 1405350524.stabbings_daddy….png)

ID: b59aa  No.80[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

As celebration to the new TGFB, I've decided to commission a picture for the TGFB community. The catch being that the community decides what it'll be (see rules below)! And then we decide on artists who'll take up said commission, no guarantee they'll take it though.

Rules are as follow:

Picture is to be TGFB related. Now the obvious thing would be the staff, however we talk about a lot of stuff on TGFB, so it could be related to one of the subjects we talk about here. That said, nothing political, be it actual politics or furry drama.

First we take up ideas, and then we take a fraction of those and vote on the ones chosen. When a winner is chosen, we take up suggestions for artists. Those artists must be open for commissions, and are comfortable with the winning decision. Won't be any open voting to whom we get to draw the picture though, unless we get more than 1 affirmative to draw the picture.

Picture CAN be pornographic, but nothing too out there (Scat/piss/vomit, heartbeat expansion, vore and macro/micro come to mind…maybe taur too).

Named votes only and one per person, process of elimination and all that.

Budget is $100, might go a little higher to cover additional costs depending on artist pricing (like if they incur additional costs on multiple characters).

Don't get pissy if your idea doesn't make the grade, it isn't personal and don't make it personal…I mean that both figuratively and literally.
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ID: bc9ec  No.336


Yeah I know, right? Isn't that what this thread is about?
We have a few "ad" pics for the site now to be distributed to get the word out, haven't seen them posted on e6 yet though.

I've seen a couple of mentions on other sites, but some admins have different, unannounced, concerns about linking and/or advertising their sites.

It's some weird unspoken 'rule', like that FG episode where Stewie gets his candy stolen, and when they get it back to share it, they have to use generic names to identify each piece, even though it's obvious to practically everyone which piece is actually called. It also popped up in that episode where the gang goes to some southern state and the crooked cops continue to pursue them.

Also, though I'm unsure if I mentioned this before here or not, I've heard users say they can't access the site on their phones or other browsers. I know those "phonies" users are pretty uptight about that and flat out wont visit a site if they can't user their phone to do it. So, a I figure a few bugs(and concerns) need to be ironed out before the majority is comfortable coming in. While I'm at it, some users aren't comfortable using the twit to contact the site coder, though I'm sure he has well intentions and has his reasons for doing so. Point being, if the site gets more compatible, more users will come.

There may be other reasons for reduced traffic, but that is a topic for another time.

ID: b6a9f  No.339

Honestly I like just posting a few here and there so I have some to post later. :D Also, sometimes I'm not sure if what I have is DNP or not so I er on the side of DNP.

And yeah, reduced traffic is to be expected. I quite accidentally discovered the site was back up myself. So getting the word out and such could help.

ID: 49015  No.341


The DNP list is much smaller now: Jeremy Bernal (and all Sexyfur images), Onta (and Hardblush images), JollyJack, and Jay Naylor. Avoid posting their stuff and you're good.

ID: 49015  No.343

Speaking of revivals and all:


Fossil lives!

ID: 9c60e  No.344


Oh good, Trias didn't track him down and skin him!

File: 1419140191489.jpg (53.95 KB, 500x333, funny-flood-gallery-21.jpg)

ID: 6d85d  No.223[Reply]

Guys i realize the Flood detection is important to keep people from spamming and shit. But can you dial it back? It goes off if you post 3 pics in a row, and takes at least 45 seconds to ease off. When you're trying ot post multiple pics in a thread (or god forbid, posting a comic) it's getting frustrating.
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ID: 51c92  No.229


Doesn't seem to have made much difference. /dammit/ at least is insisting on 30-60 second pauses between each post with no 'grace'.

ID: a7151  No.230


Okay I've tried one more thing. If it's still being an ass after this, I'll have to go guts-digging to figure out what's causing this.

ID: 51c92  No.231


That looks like it did it.

ID: 6d85d  No.273

So how are we supposed to delete posts? Because it keeps saying 'wrong password', so the post doesn't get deleted. >:O

ID: 6d85d  No.309

I'm getting a lot of "Your request looks automated, post discarded."

ID: 3a763  No.174[Reply]

Okay got a question about uploading story files. Will you be allowing us to upload text, rtf and word doc file to the site (I've tried a few times and been denied) or would you prefer us to link via dropbox and other places?

ID: ff0ce  No.228

Bumping this for visibility's sake.

ID: 6637e  No.264

File: 1419724232565.gif (345.38 KB, 600x594, boobsout.gif)

Okay I have started up a Las Lindas fiction thread in /new/ using dropbox. Anyone wanting me to post any of the stories I have done so far can ask for them there.

File: 1417584626846.gif (1.75 MB, 400x286, 49ers_ckaepernick7_tattook….gif)

ID: cd0d7  No.62[Reply]

random gif thread time
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ID: 64c00  No.89

File: 1417748117052.gif (366.83 KB, 704x396, 1391679194549.gif)

Saw this GIF and thought of this:


>Sechs having an orgy with Id, Lolarbear and Tila, while Sage looks in through thee window, fapping while making the forever alone face.

ID: fe91a  No.91

File: 1417750975715.gif (449.96 KB, 430x239, omgyay.gif)


Even in theoretical furry porn, you still can't get a break.

ID: ec898  No.93

File: 1417758851120.gif (2.28 MB, 256x192, bCeHukt.gif)


^ Context + humor.

ID: 64c00  No.98

File: 1417801887117.gif (4.95 MB, 390x163, o7GWVIp.gif)


Behind the GIF is the best thing on Imgur.

ID: 88bdb  No.138

File: 1418194882534.gif (1.77 MB, 300x169, 0V5UWNu.gif)

I can't control it!

File: 1418178717005.jpg (87.61 KB, 1024x768, HorseSense.jpg)

ID: 573ae  No.135[Reply]

Sometimes it's hard to find an artist that:

a) has the style you're looking for
b) accepts commissions
c) is actually open for commissions
d) does not flat-out require a reference picture to work from

I want to get a rather ridiculous character drawn. A bright pink Winger-esque hyper herm foxtaur.

Who the heck could/would/should draw something like that?

ID: 95bbf  No.136

File: 1418179685172.jpg (73.69 KB, 709x530, dark_frontier_069.jpg)

You didn't think maybe this fit a bit better in the furry porn board?

File: 1417535664381.png (31.05 KB, 600x600, 404.png)

ID: 58914  No.52[Reply]

So FA has issues, we all know this. The only thing keeping it alive is its large userbase, which ironically is also the reason it is dying.

So FA has a bad database for the user size it has, the bigger it got the slower it crawled.

InkBunny has a lot of activity, but lives with the questionable cub content, that makes people not want to use the site. Which is a shame since IB has a much better interface than all the other websites.

SoFurry, I just hate the UI for that site, Also rating art? Nothing bothers me more than getting a 5/5 rating for a drawing or animation I did. It makes the things I do feel more commercial. It's one thing to receive criticism, but a number is like no one is putting any effort to criticise. 5/5 means the viewer has no complaints, so I would like to know what a user is thinking if he decided to give me a lower score.

Weasyl. Best website ever has everything you need and the mods are great, says everyone that migrates from FA to Weasyl. It bothers me how much the more vocal users of that website are preachy and want everyone to leave FA in favour of their holy land of digital depravity. The userbase puts me off, like Jehovah witness or Mormons at my door, but that's personal. Overall Weasyl is good save for the thumbnail feature, I hate having to click an image to view what it consists of because someone wanted to focus on a characters face rather than the actual focus of the drawing.

As far as activity goes it seem like FA and IB are the most active websites, Weasyl has little to no activity by comparison, SoFurry is a middle.
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ID: f4907  No.115


That's true, though Hentai Foundry was more of a general purpose pornographic site from the start. Then almost all of the artists who partook in that genre went to pixiv or god knows where else.

You know I really wouldn't care all that much, but I am a rule 34ist & a furry. When you start banning ideas, who knows where it'll end. It's currently like a game of whack-o-mole, hell we are discussing such right now in terms of migration.

ID: cfb4e  No.117

They could but both SF and IB allow cub porn, but SF does ban Loli/shota also but allow humans, IB just out right bans ALL humans and their reasoning IS cause "this is a furry art site, furries only" just like how on SoFurry you cant and shouldnt post landscape type art as they are also "Furry art plz" site

ID: 54587  No.118

Yep, but no one cares about SoFurry anyway and IB became the "cub porn place" after FA was forced to ban it. HF banned loli and cub totally due to changing worldwide laws, same reason Paheal did(sorta- Paheal has been far too lazy to actually remove anything). More countries are rewording the cp laws to classify drawings or anything "humanoid" and leaving it vague enough to prosecute over cub.

I am not certain what keeps SF going. It seems most everyone who fled FA skipped it over for the newer sites.

And unless you're selling commissions there's no reason to be on multiple furry sites. SF, IB and Weasyl have mostly the same users and same fandom, plus the same drama. Anyone not selling commissions would gain nothing by being on more than one site. Hell, if you're a failure of an artist, or just hated for drama reasons, you probably shouldn't be on any of the sites.

ID: cfb4e  No.120

its alive cause:
Its where the writers be
Its where the musicians be
and its where folks who don't mind having erotic role plays out in public using other people's chars

ID: bb37d  No.122

The reason Inkbunny doesn't allow human porn appears to be due to laws where the servers are located.

Anything animal-ish and human-ish in proximity can be classed as bestiality in the Netherlands, so 'no human porn' is the easiest way to handle it.

You can post all the non-porn humans you want.

File: 1417645750836.png (2.22 KB, 934x40, LXxIA7d.png)

ID: 662b1  No.71[Reply]

Guys, we still have the irc channel running, right?

ID: 0a3f3  No.72

Not as far as I know.

ID: d8465  No.103

File: 1417384997199.jpg (19.33 KB, 300x300, 51Z7h4e-xRL._BO2,204,203,2….jpg)

ID: 42362  No.26[Reply]

Skidd was showing me hilarious stuff that he found on Amazon.

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ID: 9069c  No.32

File: 1417386377635.jpg (262.6 KB, 1440x1080, 1413037807083.jpg)

ID: ff4ef  No.33

File: 1417388251949.png (7.71 KB, 484x141, Reviews.png)

The user reviews are great

ID: f90c3  No.34

>Oprah's Book Club
>It wasn't actually recommended there
>It's just something people say a lot when you tell them you watch Oprah

ID: 42362  No.36

File: 1417398841719.jpg (17.06 KB, 210x346, download (2).jpg)

ID: 9069c  No.101

File: 1417828371978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.29 KB, 396x612, Santa Claus conquers the H….jpg)

Saw this on plus4chan.

I dunno if this is from Amazon, but I’m not willing to find out.

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