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File: 1417224753981.gif (972.21 KB, 311x213, itshappening.gif)

ID: e0fec  No.1

I was never around when it was originally up, but I know I'd like to try to be active here. Anything to look forward to?

ID: 63e37  No.2


ID: f994b  No.3


ID: 483d6  No.5

Getting back to making this board the first thing I browse when I sign on.

It's been a weird year.

ID: 671a4  No.6

Insightful commentary on my favorite webcomics!

ID: 50d64  No.7

Insightful commentary on the furry drama du jour.

ID: 178cf  No.9

File: 1417238128860.png (252.62 KB, 477x347, tumblr_m3y0iqR4G51r4rwzto1….png)


ID: 17fad  No.10

Seeing Sechs do what she does best =D

ID: e0fec  No.11

What's that? :O

ID: ab2f5  No.12

Hammer Time!!!

Good to see the board return, though it seems more compact from what I remember. What's missing?

ID: 63e37  No.13


The non-furry porn boards (poorly trafficked anyway), the oekaki and writing Original Content boards (/new/ can be a dumping ground for all kinds of content and I don’t think Tinyboard supports oekaki out of the box), and the drama and feels boards (/bitch/ is the new dramadump and /gen/ is basically anything that doesn't belong in any of the other boards).

ID: 74919  No.14

I am looking forward to Reiq posts again… If they make a comeback… However, I do have some images from before the site went down last time, so I suppose I'm asking where to post them. It's not new content, so that crosses /new/ out, nor is it furry, and /gen/ doesn't seem the place for it. Little help please?

ID: bdc85  No.15


There's oekaki support for Tinyboard/Vichan, but I haven't looked into setting it up yet. :3

ID: c34ca  No.16

The pony threads and the ClubStripes stuff.

ID: 63e37  No.35



Yeah, we do need a new CS thread…

ID: d5a36  No.38


I can provide images but I think we should get in contact with Midori/Miu, see if they're cool with the old procedure.

ID: 63e37  No.39


Technically, the old ‘deal’ was never an official agreement/deal/whatever in the first place. T’was SOP for CS threads under the idea of ‘ClubStripes won’t DNP/DMCA us into oblivion if we don’t act as an archive for current content’.

ID: d5a36  No.40


Figured it would be nice anyway but sounds good. If you've got a copypasta of the old thread rules to get a new one started I'll start putting up images as they're posted for the month of December.

It'll be like Christmas presents. Except not.

ID: 63e37  No.41


The only rules were no requests and no bitching about content. Feel free to word it however you wish; have a little fun with it.

ID: ab2f5  No.42

What about the furry drama board?
I could use a good laugh, every now and then.

ID: 63e37  No.43


Dump all drama, furry or otherwise, in /bitch/.

ID: 63e37  No.47

Oh, quick thought: we could use a custom Spoiler image.

ID: fb51a  No.116

Since the dev thread is locked, I’ll put this here:


A darker CSS theme for TGFB. Feel free to build on it and edit it however you wish. (We’ll probably need a custom spoiler image to match the color scheme if you want to put this CSS into use, Mobius.)

BTW, that pastebin will last for a month.

ID: b7b55  No.143


Excellent. Maddening overtime at work continues but this weekend (maybe?) I'll be doing some dev work on the site so I'll add this as a css option at the bottom.

ID: 178cf  No.160


How about Sage blindfolded?

ID: 483d6  No.161


Add a satanic background and it's gold.

Sage Pinata also works.

ID: 483d6  No.167

Do we have youtube embed on here yet?

Doesn't seem to be working for me. That or they changed something again.

ID: 14525  No.168


Nope, that was something we’d ganked from plus4chan since its old boards used similar coding as the old TGFB.

ID: 671a4  No.287

"Your request looks automated; Post discarded"
What does that even mean?

ID: 671a4  No.307

Any answer for this one? I was in the middle of posting the next chapter to KtHH, when I get this error. It's only for that thread, though.

ID: 25d72  No.347

File: 1420995123989.jpg (37.16 KB, 374x349, whatdimiss.jpg)

HERE you all are, I was wondering where you'd got to.

Hoping I've got that markup right. Does BB code still work? Some kind of rules/guidelines page with a list of all the mark-up codes might be useful.

ID: f1f1b  No.348


Two apostrophes on either side of the text = italics
Three apostrophes on either side of the text = bold
Five apostrophes on either side of the text = bolded italics

(You can nest bold and italics within each other, so long as you use the right amount of apostrophes at the end of wherever you want to end your formatting.)

Two asteriks on either side of the text = Spoilers

(You can use bold and italics formatting within spoiler tags.)

ID: f1f1b  No.349


Also: welcome back to TGFB. :)

ID: ab1bf  No.407

I’m running into the ‘post looks automated’ error now. Is this part of the spamfilter or something?

ID: 02bf5  No.423

Is TGFB loading slow for anyone else, or is it just me?

ID: b1a2e  No.643

Getting the "Your request looks automated; post discarded" error. What's going on?

ID: bba1e  No.644

As best I can tell, this is our anti-spam system being overzealous. I've been meaning to fine tune this in addition to a few other things (and just finished up a side project) so I'll look into this soon.

ID: e983d  No.666

As an anon who has been absent for some years now, I'm looking forward to all the salty bitchiness. I need more of it in my life.

ID: cb1e1  No.677

Any chance we could get the board to support more file formats, or maybe larger file sizes? There are some videos I'd like to upload, but the WebM versions are around 10-15 MB, and the board doesn't recognize MP4s.

ID: a124c  No.678


is the board ded?

ID: 238b5  No.685

Deader than fried chicken.

ID: 7d6af  No.686

Killed by sechs/rann

ID: 77bb3  No.708

what does tgfb stand for?

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