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File: 1417458545975.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.67 KB, 960x640, download.jpg)

ID: 95147  No.44

Hey Sage, pretty sure this is the girl you were looking for last night.

Lucy Wilde.

ID: f89eb  No.45

File: 1417473381667.webm (2.14 MB, 1281x720, _Hardcore__Siri-Rides-A-L….webm)

Thank ye kindly, Sechs.

Now that we have spoiler tagging and thread hiding, we can turn this into a general purpose NSFW thread, I suppose.

(Don’t abuse the Spoiler Image privilege or Sechs will abuse you.)

ID: f89eb  No.46


Note: spoiler tagging does not work on WebMs.

ID: 16bc9  No.48

File: 1417476972816.jpg (65.39 KB, 600x480, 1402273137890.jpg)

ID: 0b41a  No.51


Well at least there's thread hiding.

(I'll put this on my list of 'shit to do')

ID: f89eb  No.99

File: 1417802127610.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 264x180, words-worth-nina-fucked.gif)

Hentai GIFs are fine for this thread, too.

ID: 0b41a  No.102


Gawddamn I love that series.

ID: f89eb  No.105

File: 1417882714910.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.5 KB, 1298x1217, HF__InCase__313407__Patreo….jpg)

Stuff from Hentai Foundry works, too.

(Futa warning for this pic, BTW.)

ID: e015e  No.108


InCase is a good artist but every face he draws looks like a man of varying degrees of pretty.

ID: 7edbc  No.173

ID: 1c71e  No.175


Well if we're just gonna start sharing good places to get porn:


ID: 7edbc  No.221

File: 1419130063895.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.89 KB, 1000x1000, HF__erotibot__317004__Nood….jpg)


ID: 3289c  No.315

File: 1420597099116.png (Spoiler Image, 667.39 KB, 855x787, tumblr_nhrx5aMcsT1tyzlw6o1….png)

Puttin’ this here because of Peach.

ID: 951a4  No.351

>>108 InCase is literally "Your favourite character here drawn as a JJBA Dickgirl"

cutedeadgirls ;]
(guess what chan I dicked around on waiting for you to come back Havey)

ID: 3289c  No.358

File: 1421213609354.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 499x281, 1419949745104.gif)


ID: 3289c  No.374

File: 1421377029276.jpg (27.34 KB, 429x540, S2SEo3v.jpg)

The image is only quasi-NSFW so I’m not spoilertagging it.

ID: 3289c  No.387

File: 1421476405703.png (Spoiler Image, 869.51 KB, 777x1300, [HF][Rukin] Korra and Asam….png)

Canon bi girls.

Non-canon dicks.

ID: 1af37  No.405

File: 1421706948661.jpg (Spoiler Image, 563.95 KB, 700x1100, [HF] [Tarakanovich] Frozen….jpg)

This is some amazing /34/.

ID: 0bdbb  No.431

So what happened to the general drawn porn board the old site had? Decided not to include it or something?

ID: 858d0  No.432


It wasn’t heavily-trafficked and the couple of threads that did receive traffic were generally a big shitshow. Feel free to post drawn non-furry porn in this thread (so long as you spoilertag it).

ID: 858d0  No.433

File: 1422736870760.gif (Spoiler Image, 654.38 KB, 450x253, y0uiJAK.gif)

Dat ass.

ID: c9684  No.467

File: 1424552119157.jpg (184.65 KB, 1000x1500, 1424551875517-3.jpg)


ID: 44670  No.469

File: 1424651332806.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 500x270, tumblr_nhdow4z8j81s6q7xco1….gif)

Since this thread really doesn't have a gender divide rule, I figured I’d toss this in here.

ID: 44670  No.470

File: 1424662341921.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.99 MB, 208x248, 1424661961742-0.gif)

I love body paint. Don’t you?

ID: c97e1  No.471

Good bodypaint jobs are amazing.

ID: 0e7b4  No.663

ID: 9b87d  No.681

File: 1544835800650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 407.07 KB, 1600x2000, rOM3eyk.jpg)

ID: d298c  No.682

That is CG

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