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File: 1442765166935.jpg (168.35 KB, 640x640, tumblr_mu55tmUM3k1r2e88so1….jpg)

ID: 49906  No.578

Okay so

ID: f484a  No.579

>No Moon-Moon option


ID: 61077  No.580

>Iceshark Happytongue

Hello, ladies.

ID: f82f1  No.581

>Arctic Shark
Like where this is going….
>Silly Tongue.

ID: 01f1c  No.582

>Feralshark Explosivehoof

Either that means I'm a slayer of bronies or I'm a closest brony that wears a tiger-shark costume while abroad Equestria.

This whole thing is giving me Toontown Online vibes.

ID: 61077  No.583

Noticing a lot of sharks so far.. lol

ID: 5529f  No.584

Razorpenguin Extremegrowl

Razorpenguin sounds like a Mega Man boss.

ID: 61c03  No.585

File: 1442939644970.png (85.56 KB, 292x256, 24ccgGH[1].png)

>Blacklion Luckynose
>Blackraven Luckynose

ID: 2269f  No.586

SteelShark ExplosiveTail

well…if that means I'm a robotic shark then its fine my tail explodes…

ID: 61077  No.587

Luckynose eh?

ID: eaafc  No.603

Icefox Bravefang. Sounds a bit less silly.

Ehh, I never went in for this kind of naming, even in my early, dorky days. Closest I get is my badger character, Berry Woodthorn; "Berry" came from a British brand name on an item in my collection, since the character was born in England, and "Woodthorn" just hit me since he lives in a forested place.

ID: 839bc  No.604

>ArcticUnicorn LazyPaws

>mfw I'm a derivative of sans

ID: 49906  No.605

Congratulations, you're a Mega Man X boss.

ID: b6ffc  No.606

>Blackwolf Happyheart


ID: 61077  No.607

It's kinda cute.

ID: acb3a  No.608

Almost too cute though, like one of those DeviantArt sparkledogs.

ID: 61077  No.609

Where if the color exists it's somewhere on them in neon?

ID: acb3a  No.610

File: 1445711674024.jpg (78.4 KB, 600x374, Tokio_Reference_sheet_2009….jpg)

Yes. Like this.

ID: 61077  No.611

Reminds me of the old days when people discovered they could change their font color in AOL.

ID: b6ffc  No.612

There is no reason anything should have a color chart that long.

And >>608, that's basically what I was thinking, thus the ew.

ID: 7f973  No.614

>Sparklewolf Proudfart

Great, My name is what someone says what they're mocking a fursona name.

ID: 63f8e  No.615

Yup, that's a textbook sparkledog. I'd love to hear from an artist who's had a commission from someone who wasn't a close friend, whose reference description or image was this involved.

Back in the late 90s, I remember font colors mainly being used to differentiate characters in RPG rooms. Red Dragon Inn, FFGF, RhyDin and all that.

ID: 61077  No.616

>Red Dragon Inn

Damn that takes me back.

ID: 6057f  No.622

>iceunicorn colddagger
this name was made for me, there are many like it but this one is mine.

ID: f56ce  No.637

Sparkleshark Bravenose. Huh…

ID: a0d46  No.655

Another old AOL roleplayer, huh? So many memories, like the sudden and explosive influx of Animorphs players who temporarily made anthropomorphic characters pariahs (most of them acted like immature, hot-headed 13-year-olds).

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