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ID: 1cd85  No.620

So what is the consensus on making and posting art of furry characters or fursonas of those who no longer inhabit the furry fandom? And whether it's pornographic makes any difference?

Like say StriderOrion for example?

ID: 8d3d1  No.621

eh, dunno really. I wouldnt cause it cause folks to think "oh this person IS still around if they still getting art" but then get told "no, someone else commissioned this, not the person themselves"

Not to mention these days it would feel like a waste to me.

ID: bb89f  No.636

I'd preferrably avoid it. Even though some of them can disappear for years on end, they eventually come back. Also seconding this sentiment >>621

ID: 1cd85  No.639

So consensus says don't bother. I can see the sense in it, someone getting mad that their character has been used without their permission, despite being gone for what could be years. Or they could just be incognito because the fandom just wasn't for them, for whatever reason (self imposed exile, escaping from the sociopathic furries, etc).

Ah well, guess I should put it the urge to draw inactive characters into a box then. Or just not post it online, but where's the fun in that if enough effort was put into it?

Alternatively, posting it in a site that has a private feature could do the trick. But really that's just asking for disaster if you have friends who love to share.

ID: a5593  No.645

Well shit, you guys were right on the mark! The owner of the character in question DID return. Talk about dodging a potential bullet.

ID: b2e9f  No.652

Strider Orion left the fandom?

…hmm ok - apparently his account on FA has been "voluntarily disabled"

What a shame - I liked his art

ID: b2e9f  No.653


hell it seems that he's wiped all his galleries and just vanished without any explanation or trace around 2014


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