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ID: 05c01  No.624


Could anybody tell me what happen to U-18Chan? It was only just recently that I notice that they are no longer up. I tried their chat and tried reaching them through email with no luck of any news at all. I even checked their twitter which has not been updated since 2014. Is this shut down temporary or are they gone for good; any news would be grateful.

ID: bb803  No.625

I'm in the same boat as OP.

ID: e0a8c  No.628

I checked around, and I can confirm the site is licensed through next September, and that the site has been down since the 30th. There hasn't been any recent planned notes to take it down, but that doesn't mean much.
It could be maintenance since they've had issues with banning people of incorrect IPs. But there has been some dead silence on what's going on. I guess we have to wait, but if it continues for much longer, I guess u18chan went defunct randomly.

Interestingly, pawsru.org seems to have also last been usable on 30 November 2015, but is also down. I don't know if these are connected.

ID: 05c01  No.629

Thanks a lot Wulfy. I did not know pawsru.org was down too and on the same day. I am just surprised that they simply vanished like nothing. There were downloads I still needed such as Jackrabbit's Sexyfur archive and other loose images. I hope this is nothing serious.

ID: e0a8c  No.630

Just thought about it, if you could contact silver, he'd probably know more since he's moderator. I don't know his alias on other accounts though

ID: e89c5  No.635

OI, IT'S UP. Get in it while it's hot.

ID: 5c952  No.640

So then what is the deal with Paws? I know they where talking about redoing the site.

ID: ca9da  No.642


From what I heard it's gone for good. The site owner lost motivation after being unable to deal with CP spammers despite implementing newer security features that should've prevented that from happening.

The whole thing does make me think the spamming was done by actual people, and not spambots as initially suspected-most of the threads being targeted were threads containing rips from paysites like Pleasure BonBon and SexyFur. Another possible proof of this is that despite Paws implementing captcha systems that worked on every other site, the site would still get flooded with spam links, which indicates they were being input manually.

ID: 22426  No.646

I remember that, quite a while ago, Paws got flooded with troll posts, turned a captcha on, and 'everybody had a shitfit about it being on.

Welp, what do you guys want? If it's on, you bitch. If it's off and the board gets flooded, you bitch.

ID: b9876  No.651


>turned a captcha on, and 'everybody had a shitfit about it being on

Only ones shitting about it were a few lazy fucks who wanted to dump entire comics in one swoop (instead of posting page by page manually) and said shitposters and flooders whiteknighting for the paysites because it hindered their flooding of threads where paysite content would be posted.

ID: 05c01  No.656

It seems u18chan is down again. Any news as to what happen?

ID: 33fed  No.657

Their Twitter as well as LeonFax's are completely silent about it.

ID: 126a2  No.658

been down a few days for me keep getting the cloudflare page for them

ID: 33fed  No.659

WTF?????? It's now redirecting to Anthrocon's website???

About the only truly active image board remaining is now gone???

ID: b3163  No.660

The age of the furry is coming to an end. Furry smut will become a luxury for the rich; and the furry poor can go suck an egg.

For real though, to get all the content on u18chan you would have to spend a fortune on patreon.

ID: 6b318  No.661

Data center failure.

ID: 6d0d8  No.662

The site's back up, and is in the process of restoring content, but everything has to be manually uploaded.

ID: de045  No.748

u18chan.com works fine

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