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File: 1413660836988.jpg (76.47 KB, 500x375, gjP-ding-dong.jpg)

ID: f29f7  No.1[Reply]

It's well known that Murrica is the greatest country in the world. This board exists to raise awareness of that fact. Other inferior places are allowed as well.

File: 1418856323898.jpg (342.72 KB, 2000x1000, o-QUEEN-ELIZABETH-NAIL-POL….jpg)

ID: 61e41  No.16[Reply]

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ID: 2a65c  No.34

After 6 weeks of campaigning, it's Election time in Bongland, and I'm still trying to decide who is the Least Awful option.

Criswell predicts: No clear majority again, another coalition government. The Independent parties will snatch a few more seats away from the bigger parties, but not enough to give them an edge in forming a coalition.

ID: 2a65c  No.35

ID: e054f  No.38

that is freaking hilarious

I love those asian animated news reels

ID: 67866  No.40

NO BONGS FOR 4 YEARS (except on special occasions)

Big Ben falls silent for repairs

From now on, the country will be called " land".

But how will we know when it's time for tea?!

ID: 84186  No.41


File: 1493251748750.jpg (777.31 KB, 1985x1495, Todd_Ziller_(Earth-616)_in….jpg)

ID: 42ea2  No.39[Reply]

God Bless Murrica.

File: 1436047122081.jpg (58.54 KB, 950x531, Uncle Sam and Auntie Saman….jpg)

ID: 7de17  No.36[Reply]

Hope your day isn't too gloomy to enjoy fireworks like mine is.

Not even worth taking up a drink in America's name over here right now.

ID: ad72b  No.37

We concluded that we could not set off 8 mortars at the same time in my brother's backyard due to a lack of lighters and a wind factor that kept some lighters from lighting. :o

To say the least, I celebrated the 4th in grand illegal fashion.

File: 1422135652867.jpg (134.4 KB, 490x1199, CanadaFY.jpg)

ID: 1cc94  No.22[Reply]


Im very very Sorry
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ID: 1cc94  No.28

File: 1422165621624.jpg (66.41 KB, 805x603, Terrorweapon.jpg)


Naaaaa, I'm just here to screw with ya!

ID: 6bf8c  No.29

File: 1422167777504.gif (281.51 KB, 1006x830, iOH3jpS.gif)

hostilities are on hold. It's time for lunch break.

ID: 24137  No.30

The Stanley Cup has been in America's possession for 22 years.

ID: a2cda  No.31

Canadian hockey players have been in possession of American teams for as long as the sport has been played.

It's like when they do that "players stating their name and university" before a football game starts and it's always 0% from the same place as their team.

ID: 24137  No.32

Canadian players do prefer to be paid in US currency and live in US cities. :D

File: 1417281785202.jpg (2.64 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

ID: ba99b  No.4[Reply]

Dont mind me. I'm just grilling my usual superior murrican lunch.

I even have a George Foreman grill set up in my car so I can lightly cook cow flesh while driving and texting on my smartphone.

ID: 8b736  No.5

>I even have a George Foreman grill set up in my car so I can lightly cook cow flesh while driving and texting on my smartphone.

Doesn't everyone?

ID: 168e8  No.6

File: 1417335207219.jpg (37.96 KB, 487x317, v2MTneZ.jpg)

I dont know. :I

ID: abf87  No.14


Does anyone else remember that Freedom Fry crap over in burger king a few years back?

It's fine to hate the french, but don't get a big head over it if you ask me.

ID: 1e485  No.15

Nobody says the French part anyway. Takes too long. Give me fries.

ID: 8b1d9  No.19

During WWII, sauerkraut was marketed as "liberty cabbage."

Only reason the French got extra servings of hatred during the Iraq war was them saying, "That sounds like a horrible idea. No, thanks" when asked to participate. It could be argued that perhaps they weren't wrong in that.

File: 1417335380567.jpg (66 KB, 720x588, P8WEbsm.jpg)

ID: 0f440  No.7[Reply]

While I've got plenty of time to decide on the style of my future mobility assistance, it never hurts to plan ahead.

So, suggestions on my Murrica mobile?

ID: d5ecf  No.8

Two eagles. Not statues or decals or anything. Just two live eagles perched on it.

ID: aaab1  No.10

The scooter could use a "Made in China" sticker. Also the flag.

ID: 25377  No.11



ID: 493a5  No.13


I have no idea what the consensus on C&H is, but it's relevant.

File: 1417225057662.jpg (167.13 KB, 690x371, wallmart.jpg)

ID: b2298  No.2[Reply]

A britbong has had the cheek to try and tell proud Murricans how they see our superior holiday habits.

Then this happens:


>black Friday mayhem hits UK.

Murrica wins again. Clapping burgers together in celebration.

ID: ddaa5  No.3

File: 1417225798433.gif (423.45 KB, 245x170, tumblr_msqgssiujy1rqdkhao2….gif)

Time to break in the new board with the first smug reaction image.

ID: 2b9d5  No.12

*Clopping burgers together

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