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File: 1421502268851.jpg (36.47 KB, 500x375, Customer_Suggestion_Box.jpg)

ID: e2fec  No.17

Prompted by the Disney Girls and Rare Species threads over on /dammit/:

Who or What doesn't get enough art?
Doesn't just have to be Disney or girls, any character or species will do!
List a name and source to search for, external links are also helpful. I don't know if there's an image limit, so go easy on posting references.

Open to all artists.

Usual Drawthread terms and conditions apply:
Not all suggestions may be completed.
Some suggestions may receive multiple completions.
Quality of completions may vary.

ID: d1040  No.18

Genets and servals, I think.

ID: 0f8c9  No.19

Elephants are a woefully under-represented species in furry art.

ID: e2fec  No.21

Going over the Rare Species thread:
Goat (might become more popular come Chinese New Year)
Lemur (nb several varieties)

Also while I'm thinking of it:

ID: 2f382  No.26

Probably slightly biased here, but I don't see as much art of beavers around. Fish too. (I kinda have an eternally ongoing challenge for someone to draw a not hideous-looking anglerfish)

ID: e2fec  No.27

File: 1422563754694.jpg (403.9 KB, 750x750, 20150129_severalservals.jpg)

I drew several servals.
Well,three anyway.

ID: 86825  No.28

I tend not to see many shelled animals, mamilian or otherwise. I remember a good pengolin girl that you did a while back. The only one I've ever seen.

I also like amphibian girls (salamanders, newts, etc), but I seldom see them.

ID: 6024f  No.29

you know what I've never seen, that seems ripe for the picking? Hippogriffs. Think anout it, the 3.5 monster manual is ripe fill of animalistic monsters just waiting to be anthropomorphized

I don't think that I've even seen a single sphinx

ID: e7377  No.32

File: 1423002729825.png (868.11 KB, 772x1000, 1414916187.pbrown_pbrown.png)


And while not necessarily a species, underwater settings. Not drowning or anything lethal like that, just some wet, near-zero gravity fun. Alternatively: tubes/dunk tanks, literal cum baths.

ID: 1784b  No.34

I hardly ever see art done on ducks, roosters, axolotls and dolphins.

ID: 1784b  No.35

Oh, and I hardly ever see young calves.

ID: d8553  No.36

File: 1423446410208.jpg (244.84 KB, 1200x767, 4500f0969f7e63addd3e414bb9….jpg)


And it's a goddamn travesty there isn't more (smut) of Coco.

ID: e2fec  No.38

File: 1425168243565.jpg (361.77 KB, 750x750, 20150228_hipelephino.jpg)

This is the second time I've drawn a hippo; the first time for an elephant and rhino.

ID: eff85  No.39

Nice Although the elephant and hippo seem a little shiny compared to the Rhino.

ID: e2fec  No.43

File: 1431432804392.jpg (365.49 KB, 750x750, 20150512_platypusquoll.jpg)

A platypus and a quoll.

ID: d258f  No.54

I second genets. Also, female badgers.

ID: e2fec  No.56

File: 1451601318059.jpg (88.87 KB, 600x600, 20151231_newyear_temp.jpg)

I created this thread nearly a year ago and I've hardly posted anything. Bad Doodler, Bad.

I must make an effort to be more active next year. In the meantime, have a WIP. Happy New Year TGFB, I'll try and finish this tomorrow.

ID: e2fec  No.57

File: 1459884916965.jpg (364.5 KB, 750x750, 20160405_badgerbadgerbadge….jpg)

Badgers: British, Honey and American.

Now to disappear for another few months review the thread for something else to draw.

ID: 40085  No.58

>underwater settings. just some wet, near-zero gravity fun.
Seconded. Some female, nude only wearing goggles and flippers. Maybe freediving or sucking someone off under the sea.

ID: e2fec  No.59

File: 1472405976508.jpg (331.62 KB, 750x750, 20160828_bikini_EGSjusting….jpg)

So this happened over in a /co/ drawthread.

ID: 8a318  No.60


ID: f1c41  No.64

Is this still going on?

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