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ID: 2d281  No.24

So, it is both my guilty pleasure and secret shame that I've been writing a MLP fanfic. I have a hard time keeping coherent thoughts, and I take criticism far too hard, leaving long periods of just nothing done, but I've managed to get back to it this last month and wrote another chapter. If you guys would take a look, I'd appreciate it.

ID: 2d281  No.25

And I fail right off the bat by forgetting to link the story.

ID: eeda5  No.30

File: 1422932998706.png (1.61 MB, 2547x2197, 1421507686899.png)

Love finding more horse fiction to read. Thank you, based writefag!

ID: d8cc0  No.37

…it happened to me when browsing 4chon's /mlp/ for a while, but my english is just plain bad for walls of texts.

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