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ID: f3127  No.6

ID: 663f0  No.7

what about the business in Prism ones? and of course any new ones that weren't posted on the old site

ID: 66361  No.8

ID: 663f0  No.9

oh there were the ones you did with Din and Jin too

ID: 663f0  No.10

oh there were the Din and Jin stories.

I thought I typed this but I dunno if it took

ID: d5c4b  No.11

Thanks, Jaffah! I really enjoy these! You're really good at this.

ID: d5c4b  No.12

Are you going to post more stories, Jaffah?

ID: 020c9  No.13

Din n Jin stories

Thanks, O like to think I can and will do better in the future.
After the debacle that was 2014 I think I can safely say … maybe =D

ID: d5c4b  No.14


Are you going to do requests?

ID: 38ae3  No.15

Eh not sure yet. I am suppose to be working on a writing project as well as doing studies but I have put my studies on hold due to … issues, yeah issues. I will see ow things go once i kick the rust off.

ID: 663f0  No.16

there's that one Naerie story you made too that hasn't been posted here

ID: bf3b4  No.22

ID: 3167f  No.40

Got any more stories like these in store?

ID: 88357  No.41

I have an idea involving Naerie I can try doing in the next few days. See how I go.

ID: a95af  No.45

Hey all, sorry to jack Jaffah's thread here but assuming this is the best place for fanfics, I've got a few LL fics that I've been wanting to get constructive feedback on for a while; if I link to one or two of them here, would anyone care to have a read?

I'm also considering taking requests for other fics/short adult stories, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it (or rather, if people like my writing enough :P).

I don't mind starting up a new thread though if need be.

ID: 60fae  No.46


Post away. This is for anyone wanting to post Las Lindas stories. I am sure there are a few people here who can give you good criticism on your work.

ID: a95af  No.47

Thanks! Here goes, then. Somewhat of a longer story, but it was for my first trade with an artist friend who went above and beyond for his part, so I wanted to make sure to put my all in.


It revolves around Alejandra; she's paired with a couple of OC's but it's still largely told from her central perspective. Nothing really you need to know about the OC girls beforehand to enjoy it, and of course it's all drastically removed from comic canon.

So read away! I haven't been writing for a massively long time and it's really just a hobby, but I hope it's at least relatively fun and sexy. I'd be happy to hear any constructive comments folks might have. ^^

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