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File: 1429315177725.jpg (12.71 KB, 500x324, dc-entertainment-logo.jpg)

ID: e858d  No.343[Reply]

Hey, we have one for Marvel. DC deserves one, too. …I think.

So! Enjoy the grimdark that is the first official trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice¹.


¹ - Actual film title
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ID: af51f  No.1048

So Suicide Squad is coming out this week, with some rather high hopes it'll be a hit, especially due to DC's big launchpad for a shared universe failing to please the critics and make a billion dollars (let alone $900).

At the moment it's not getting as slammed by the critics by BvS, but it sure ain't getting praised as a good film either. An' in no suprise whatsoever, this article shows DC's incompetence is they're only consistant thing so far.


- Script was written in 6 weeks.
- DC flipped at BvS's reaction & performance, so even more pressure was put on SS.
- Apparently the directors cut wasn't like the fun teaser, so DC literally got the company that made the teaser to assist with a cut that compeated against the directors.

ID: 8211e  No.1049


Suicide Squad had "stinker" written all over it fairly early on so none of this surprises me.

ID: 29b14  No.1050

Why the FUCK did Harley Quinn get yet another look for her character? Is it seriously that hard to get something in line with her B:TAS outfit?

ID: 2f049  No.1051

Was given the option to see Squad or Star Trek Beyond.

Insisted on seeing the former. Regret it.

It's awful. Insipid. The writing is terrible, the effects are cheap, the editing is bad and the flow is disorganized, no one gets any development or is remotely likable, the first half-hour-plus is a giant exposition dump (origin stories galore), the plot relies on contrivances and people completely ignoring the obvious, Jared Leto's joker is a creepy hypersexual sadist, and it's padded out to two hours if not more. Full of 'wink wink, look this is cool!' moments, scenes they obviously shot to highlight Harley, and a couple of 'twists' that are from left-left-left field.

I want my $40 back.

ID: 2f049  No.1052

Oh and 75% of the film is set at night, so they can use Snyder's Patented Dark-O-Vision™.

His finger prints are all over this thing.

File: 1419581457555.jpg (507.79 KB, 1280x720, Clara_Oswald_The_Day_of_Th….jpg)

ID: eac90  No.135[Reply]

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ID: 95bbf  No.977


Is there some giant fandom for her that I have just never, ever, ever seen?

I could have seen Amy getting her own spinoff, for some reason the entire fandom was absolutely foaming mad in love with her, but about the most I've ever seen anyone say of Clara was "eh she's not as bad as you say".

I mean I get why that stupid fuck Moffat would want to do a spinoff series for her, I just don't get why the BBC would indulge him in that.

ID: c676e  No.989

Dunno about giant fandom but there are some misguided fools who thought she was a decent enough companion to shed tears for her.

No, with Clara's departure from the show (in her very own TARDIS and Capt Jack like abilities) and Moffat now free to try n sell his ideas to whomever, I can smell a spin-off series like I am downwind of a garbage dump in the middle of summer.

ID: 5ac4c  No.1022

I'll leave this here n let you all decide if God is kind and merciful.

ID: 1e3da  No.1023

File: 1465523316572.png (73.22 KB, 660x660, 997352.png)

ID: 95bbf  No.1024

She really is like cancer, just when you think you've cut her out and gotten rid of her, she comes back and digs in again.

File: 1438908801554.jpg (367.16 KB, 1930x1041, Marvel-Logo-Hd-2.jpg)

ID: 1b99c  No.655[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

(Strangely enough I couldn't find the previous one on here, so if it's still on this board just move this post there.)

So the new Fant4stic Four reboot is coming out this weekend, and it's getting ripped to shreds by critics. Admittedly this should be no surprise considering all the negative buzz during production and the sheer fact the only reason this film exists is so Fox can keep the rights for FF and not lose it back to Marvel.

But even with that said, it seems this film is "worse" then what most were expecting! As in, Green Lantern, Catwoman and Elecktra are better then this worse.

On the quality flipside, there's Deadpool. Which honestly looks really damn good and the Deadpool we were all waiting for. Ironically this too is being distributed by Fox, but a major key difference is everyone involved in that project actually gives a damn about making this a good movie.
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ID: 8401f  No.999


Yeah, who cares if it's successful and audiences love it? It's expensive to make.

Apparently you don't have to be retarded to be a TV executive but it sure does help.

ID: 1905f  No.1001

It's not even "Firefly" expensive. It's like…"Buffy" expensive.

ID: a03b4  No.1002


Dungey comes from formula serial dramas (she's responsible for Scandal, Criminal Minds, How to Get Away with Murder, Quantico, and Army Wives), but said she feels ABC needs to reposition themselves as a comedy network and wants to bring in more of them.

I imagine her plan is to keep the shows around that are her style and neuter the ones that aren't, freeing time slots and budget up for sitcoms.

ID: a03b4  No.1004

And now, word is Agent Carter failed to make viewer expectations and will be replaced with a sitcom about Jenna Elfman and her uncontrollable imaginary friend.

Not kidding, they've basically made a series version of Drop Dead Fred.

ID: c02d8  No.1010

>are her style
It is pretty shitty how personal executives can get with their decisions. At least if ratings were a problem at their current time slot, it'd be understandable but it's been pretty steady overall.

File: 1460092530424.jpg (59.6 KB, 1200x600, Rogue-One-A-Star-Wars-Stor….jpg)

ID: e1a96  No.942[Reply]


Looks interesting. A prequel style movie we can get behind? I like the low key foreboding twist on the Alliance music. I don't think this will be a happy movie.

ID: c0040  No.943

The main character feels like Rey all over again, on multiple levels.

First in that all the internet feminists are going "ARE YOU MAD THAT THE LEAD'S A GIRL?! HUH?! HUH?! YOU'RE SUPER MAD THAT THE STAR WARS LEAD IS A GIRL, AREN'T YOU?! YOU MAD! YOU MAD!" to a rest of the internet that's basically like "??"

Second in that she seems ubercompetent and ultraspecial but otherwise pretty boring. (What's with the dual sticks? Is she a ripoff of whatserface from Agents?)

Also I'm disappointed. I really thought this was going to be about an X-Wing squadron, with tons of dogfights and combat. Apparently instead it's a secret agent movie or whatever. I mean mite b gud, but I'm still disappointed.

ID: c0040  No.944

Oh wait. That's it, isn't it? She's Rey's mom. Durr.

ID: 6e306  No.945

>First in that all the internet feminists are going "ARE YOU MAD THAT THE LEAD'S A GIRL?! HUH?! HUH?! YOU'RE SUPER MAD THAT THE STAR WARS LEAD IS A GIRL, AREN'T YOU?! YOU MAD! YOU MAD!" to a rest of the internet that's basically like "??"

I've noticed this as well. People are posting links to the trailer and immediately lamenting all those 'gross nerds' shitting on it for there being a female lead. Except… I haven't seen anyone shitting on it because there's a female lead. I mean, I know strawmen are a staple for Internet Feminists but at this point they're inventing them out of whole cloth. It's both fascinating and disturbing to watch.

As for the trailer, looks dece.

ID: 1b22d  No.947

yea I thought the same thing due to growing up on the "Rogue Squadron" series

ID: e1a96  No.948

The dream of a real Rogue Squadron show or movie is just a dream unfortunately. I'd love a movie about the squadron.

File: 1454992967849.gif (5.31 MB, 350x188, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

ID: c3293  No.868[Reply]

17 years in the ring.

Fare thee well, Mr. Small Package. You were phenomenal.

File: 1453679824472.gif (46.24 KB, 225x320, Jimmy Bain.gif)

ID: 757e7  No.856[Reply]

James Stewart “Jimmy” Bain (December 19, 1947 - January 24, 2016)


ID: 5582b  No.857

He can jam with Lenny kilminster now

File: 1453159103239.jpg (141.25 KB, 1725x1150, Glenn_Frey-Bil_Zelman_KCRW….jpg)

ID: 041e8  No.850[Reply]

Glenn Lewis Frey, November 6 1948 – January 18 2016

At least it wasn't fucking cancer this time. >.<

ID: dbc13  No.851

I had just seen him in concert this past June with The Eagles. It was amazing. My mom remembers seeing them "back in the day", and my dad saw Glenn solo. My parents were very shocked at the news of his passing. May he rest in peace. V_V

File: 1452776413602.jpg (127.03 KB, 1280x1024, Alan-Rickman[1].jpg)

ID: 31453  No.830[Reply]

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, 21 February 1946 – 14 January 2016

Cancer. Again.

This shit has got to stop, I can't have this go on all year.
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ID: a7ffc  No.844


>Shovel billions of dollars towards cancer prevention/vaccination and we still don't have the means to prevent even celebrities from dropping like flies from this shit!

Blame it on pharmacy moguls squashing down on any significant advances in cancer research. They'd rather have a cure that works slowly or doesn't work at all, than something that will heal the patient in few short therapies. Former brings them more money, latter doesn't.

ID: 8f48e  No.845

A cure would make them more money than any treatment.

Cancer is a complex malady that is still not fully understood.

ID: 8569d  No.846


You're an idiot. Really.

ID: 9f4d5  No.847

File: 1452898751557.jpg (253.46 KB, 868x1020, tumblr_o0y7n5kbuW1qdo62to1….jpg)

ID: 8569d  No.849

File: 1452904244776.gif (1.78 MB, 350x194, tumblr_inline_n8mpkmxRaG1s….gif)

File: 1417302813188.png (336.94 KB, 689x530, tumblr_n0snu2a4Kd1t1r46mo1….png)

ID: a7cbf  No.32[Reply]

DS9 is best Star Trek.

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ID: 6e7ae  No.109

ID: 68233  No.110


Most of them would still wind up like Tom, calling things "far out" and "groovy" in 1998.

ID: a7cbf  No.124

File: 1418766168144.jpg (36.18 KB, 600x430, Funny-star-trek-meme.jpg)

ID: ccf8e  No.838


>director behind this ST film worked on Fast and Furious franchise

No wonder nothing in this trailer looks like a Star Trek movie.
Jesus fucking Christ.

ID: ee7c5  No.840


I can't be as bad as the 9/11 trutherism in the last movie.

I mean… it can't, right?

File: 1452496198507.jpeg (97.05 KB, 634x1024, 634.DavidBowie.jc.610.jpeg)

ID: cce3b  No.823[Reply]

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ID: 09ac9  No.826

Ugh, just one year away from an acceptable age to die (in my books anyways)! Rest in the ages of space, Bowie. You were a star that was high enough to get a constellation to call his own.

ID: aa14c  No.827

One of those pop culture icons that you knew even if you didn't listen to his music.

Died only a couple days after releasing his album. I didn't even know he had cancer, let alone battled it for 18 months.

ID: 8d468  No.828

And as I said to my friend, look at Keith Richards….72 years old, chainsmoker, does all kinds of drugs, looks like he got every drop of life sucked out of him, and he is still kicking it like it's nobody's business.

ID: aa14c  No.829

The truth is your genetics are the single biggest determining factor. Your lifestyle just minimizes or exaggerates your risks. But if your risks are really low to begin with, you may not be raising them that much at all.

ID: a94f7  No.833


>>I didn't even know he had cancer, let alone battled it for 18 months.

No one did. As seems to be the tradition in the UK lately, he kept it private until it was over.

(Though if you watch the videos for "Blackstar" and "Lazarus", it's fairly clear–the former has the skeletal corpse of Major Tom featured prominently, while the latter has Bowie bedridden singing lyrics like Look up here, I’m in heaven / I’ve got scars that can’t be seen / I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen / Everybody knows me now.)

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