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File: 1451353417848.jpg (116.32 KB, 638x966, Lemmy of Motörhead.jpg)

ID: a51e9  No.818[Reply]

December 24th 1945 - December 28th 2015

Another legend has ended, hopefully the last one for the year of 2015.

Rock on in the halls of Heavy Metal Vahalla Lemmy!

File: 1450218518263.jpg (234.32 KB, 1800x600, independence-day-film-head….jpg)

ID: 5a41a  No.796[Reply]


Soooo….after years of being spent in development hell, the sequel to ID is finally coming out. Most of the old cast will be coming back, with exception of Will Smith, due to him demanding to be paid 50 million $ for his role. Instead, his character is only mentioned as dying in a test flight accident involving reverse-engineered alien tech.

My only reaction to the trailer is…it all looks so painfully generic. Still better than what Star Trek Beyond trailer has shown.
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ID: d55df  No.806

>it all looks so painfully generic.

And the first movie wasn't?

This is either going to be decent movie, or a good bad movie. I'll take either one to be honest.

ID: 933ba  No.807

If it sticks to the original's style of "a few huge sfx setpieces then action/light comedy/tension drama", then it'll be a nice change from "everything exploding constantly". Happy to see Jeff Goldblum mumbling it up, Pullman makes a good Ex President Beardy, and hey Judd Hirsch is still alive and looks alright for 80.

Not sure how I feel knowing ID4 was 20 years ago, tho.

ID: 31f68  No.809

>and hey Judd Hirsch is still alive and looks alright for 80.

Dude looks exactly the same, it's time to frisk him for hellrings.

ID: 757cc  No.810

Has he ever been in anything with John Stammos or Keanu Reeves? Or if they meet do they have to try and take eachother's heads?

ID: 1f538  No.811


I wonder if he drinks earl grey tea like Patrick Stewart?

File: 1417226988756.jpg (323.43 KB, 800x1200, skingame_lg.jpg)

ID: 819e5  No.12[Reply]

So, this came out while we were down.

Since we have no collapsing threads or spoilers yet, let's keep the big huge surprises out. (It's been months, long enough most of the rest of the fandom has given up the spoiler warnings, but seems only fair.)
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ID: 5ef63  No.676

I've got a theory Mac is precognisant. He doesn't speak because he doesn't want to accidentally change anyone's fate if he knows things will be alright. He speaks up when things will turn out crap if he doesn't

ID: 0277f  No.677


That's a damn good theory and I love it.

ID: f9405  No.701

How did Harry just reference Zork? Shouldn't that be, like, impossible?

ID: 8ffe6  No.702


Before the term became rather corrupted by the internet, "meme" meant "an idea or information that propagates itself regardless of its original context".

Zork is pretty memetic among nerd culture, he probably picked it up from one of his friends.

ID: 49296  No.703

That makes sense.

But man, Changes is exausting to read. Everything is so high stakes and so tense throughout every scene with no wind down. I keep finding myself needing to take a break every two chapters so I can relax.

File: 1417280453754.webm (3.44 MB, 918x482, _Movie__Batman--1989__He-….webm)

ID: 20708  No.30[Reply]

Anything that doesn't go in the other media boards can go here.
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ID: 9ddf6  No.659

File: 1439178445121.webm (2.88 MB, 853x480, Robin Hood look out.webm)

ID: 9ddf6  No.660

File: 1439178491317.webm (4.08 MB, 400x225, Robin Hood distraction.webm)

ID: 9ddf6  No.661

File: 1439178608833.webm (1.12 MB, 853x480, Dick Tracy fighting.webm)

ID: 9ddf6  No.670

File: 1440778821339.webm (2.42 MB, 853x480, so that what it feel like.webm)

ID: 9ddf6  No.683

File: 1443237561091.webm (1.13 MB, 640x360, cant say hell.webm)

File: 1440986352488.jpg (75.71 KB, 198x289, Wes_Craven_2010.jpg)

ID: f96d2  No.672[Reply]

ID: ceb5a  No.675

I won't miss the rape-y crap in his movies, but I'll sure miss his taste in horror.

Rest in Peace, Wes Cadaver.

File: 1418162991090.jpg (499.37 KB, 1200x675, mgid uma image mtv.com 976….jpg)

ID: 0214b  No.87[Reply]

>Previous rap battle was, for no particular reason, in lego form
>One before that was a two-on-two that was kind of lame
>This one it's Ellen vs. Oprah
>Their Oprah is thinner and more attractive than the real thing ever was
>Raps are pretty tame, and they steer well clear of anything that could actually offend Oprah fans (cracks about her weight, about how her following's like a cult, about how she's endorsed what's basically scientology's sickly baby brother, how she's more narcissistic than Trump, etc.)
>Reaffirms that female versus female ERBs are basically the equivalent of Diva Matches

Man, this season started off so strong, too.
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ID: 7cb7f  No.103

>FUCK the "of history" part, right?

… One of the first raps featured Darth Vader.

>This is what happens when you take battle suggestions from teenagers.

Would you like a cane to shake, old man?

ID: 978cc  No.104

Good thing they weren't about history
they OCCASIONALLY do history ones but the whole point is person A vs Person B having a rap battle

ID: 26732  No.118

I really liked the Zeus/Thor one. And the Ghostbuster one makes me wiggle and giggle (even if the Staypuff part is eh).

ID: 7cb7f  No.125

Just watched the latest.

Michael Bay motherfuckin' schooled everybody.

ID: 7cb7f  No.654

>Watch latest battle
>"This seems semi-decent so far."
>"Okay, now it's getting a little maudlin and hero-worshippy."
>"Oh fuck, where are they going with that li-"
>"… Yeah, that's bullshit."

File: 1438530431859.jpg (25.67 KB, 249x332, image.jpg)

ID: bf645  No.648[Reply]

ID: fe94f  No.649

ID: 59118  No.650

ID: 6df27  No.651


The WWE moment of silence, ten bell rings, and tribute montage.

(I like that you can tell who does and doesn't know who Roddy was in the WWE lineup.)

ID: fe94f  No.652

File: 1438731393366.gif (978.41 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mrh34aLrIx1sfp1fio1….gif)

>That one bitch that's just doing her little boredbitchsmile like "Okaaay, whateverrrrr, are we done yeeeet?"

ID: e9e6a  No.653

Seriously. At least try to look respectful.

File: 1438403548079.jpg (146.61 KB, 1280x960, Bruce-Lee.jpg)

ID: 10308  No.646[Reply]

ID: 62e4b  No.647

Its quite amusing to see Bruce show us his moves to guys in suits

File: 1436746420957.jpg (25.82 KB, 600x380, CJwIaWBUsAEd88g.jpg)

ID: 006b1  No.615[Reply]

ID: a38ac  No.616

ID: 7b11f  No.618

55 is pretty damn young.

ID: 82232  No.619

Bile duct cancer - my grandmother died from that. It is a very sucky way to go…

File: 1431589958372.jpg (28.12 KB, 636x338, 1251340892337658147[1].jpg)

ID: dfdd6  No.467[Reply]

Well now we get to see what happens when someone major leaves The Simpsons.

TMZ reports Harry Shearer (Flanders, Burns, Skinner, Smithers, and an army of others) held out on re-upping his contract over issues with merchandising rights.

He posted on Twitter a couple hours ago that he's not returning, with no further details.
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ID: dfdd6  No.608

via Hollywood Reporter:

Shearer will not leave the show after signing a two year contract to stay on. This keeps the original cast together until Season 28.

No idea why he changed his mind, though 'fucking lots of money' is a popular thought.

ID: eca35  No.609

Fucking lots of money is the reason.

ID: d2901  No.610

Thaaaat's right, sew that rotted limb back on so you can keep limping around feeding off the living.

ID: eca35  No.611

FXX played a string of Simpsons episodes from the early 90s the other night. It was fun to laugh while this show. Then they creeped back up to the 2000s and I had to change it. haha

ID: 7d3d4  No.614

I'm also preparing, now that I think about it, for some of the laziest work from Shearer in the entire history of the franchise. He knows he's got them by the shorthairs so there's no need to put effort out.

It'll be a total Robert Beltran situation (he made ridiculous demands to Paramount and acted progressively worse and worse, and they refused to let him go.)

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