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File: 1438403548079.jpg (146.61 KB, 1280x960, Bruce-Lee.jpg)

ID: 10308  No.646[Reply]

ID: 62e4b  No.647

Its quite amusing to see Bruce show us his moves to guys in suits

File: 1436746420957.jpg (25.82 KB, 600x380, CJwIaWBUsAEd88g.jpg)

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ID: 7b11f  No.618

55 is pretty damn young.

ID: 82232  No.619

Bile duct cancer - my grandmother died from that. It is a very sucky way to go…

File: 1431589958372.jpg (28.12 KB, 636x338, 1251340892337658147[1].jpg)

ID: dfdd6  No.467[Reply]

Well now we get to see what happens when someone major leaves The Simpsons.

TMZ reports Harry Shearer (Flanders, Burns, Skinner, Smithers, and an army of others) held out on re-upping his contract over issues with merchandising rights.

He posted on Twitter a couple hours ago that he's not returning, with no further details.
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ID: dfdd6  No.608

via Hollywood Reporter:

Shearer will not leave the show after signing a two year contract to stay on. This keeps the original cast together until Season 28.

No idea why he changed his mind, though 'fucking lots of money' is a popular thought.

ID: eca35  No.609

Fucking lots of money is the reason.

ID: d2901  No.610

Thaaaat's right, sew that rotted limb back on so you can keep limping around feeding off the living.

ID: eca35  No.611

FXX played a string of Simpsons episodes from the early 90s the other night. It was fun to laugh while this show. Then they creeped back up to the 2000s and I had to change it. haha

ID: 7d3d4  No.614

I'm also preparing, now that I think about it, for some of the laziest work from Shearer in the entire history of the franchise. He knows he's got them by the shorthairs so there's no need to put effort out.

It'll be a total Robert Beltran situation (he made ridiculous demands to Paramount and acted progressively worse and worse, and they refused to let him go.)

File: 1423065655582.jpg (172.28 KB, 1600x863, marvel-logo-wallpaper-2036….jpg)

ID: b216c  No.184[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Startin’ this thread with the trailer for Marvel’s first Netflix-exclusive series, Daredevil:

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ID: f079e  No.590

File: 1435324832199.jpg (45.38 KB, 500x437, nfm0v.jpg)


I'm honestly getting tired of the whole Infinity Gem thing. I mean, I get that it's the metaplot tying the movies together, but it's turning from an overarcing thing into pic related.

Weird Nazi tech? Powered by an Infinity Gem. Arc Reactor? Created after studying said Infinity Gem. Sentient AI? Infinity Gem.

At this point the only characters that can't trace their powers back to an Infinity Gem at some point are Thor, Cap, Hulk, and the unpowereds. (Assuming that Falcon's flightsuit is based on Stark tech, though they've never specified that so maybe him.) And frankly I wouldn't be shocked at this point that Asgardian magitech is powered by an Infinity Gem (Thor's bit in Avengers seems to imply this anyway) and that the creator of the super soldier formula got the idea from one somehow, which would link both Cap and the Hulk.

Eh. I'm probably making a bigger deal of it than it is. I'm just kind of annoyed at the extent everything seems to be revolving around these plot coupons.

ID: 89126  No.591


Was the Arc Reactor based on research from the Tesserract? It's my understanding it was mentioned in the first Iron Man movie as being created to keep "the hippies happy" by Obidiah (Starks partner). Made me think he and Tony made it after Howard Stark died, before Tony found out his dad was with Shield and before the Tesseract became known.

ID: f33d0  No.592


AFAIK the movies say nothing about the arc reactor being based off inf. gems

…they're based of 86's RL research into cold fusion - just using a different name.

>fun science fact

Paladium electrolysis processes using sea-water has a funny tendensy create more heat-energy than you put electric-energy into 'em. Basically: Cold fusion with nothing more energetic than boiling water.

The trick is finding a way to stabilize the process.

SO quite honestly: Of all the Marvel superhero-tech, the arc reactor is actually the closest thing to science fact out there

ID: fbbfd  No.593



>This New Element is an element researched and theorized by Howard Stark, and later synthesized by Tony Stark as a replacement for the palladium core in his Arc Reactor, which had been poisoning him. The element generates power similar to that of the Tesseract, which Howard Stark found and studied in the years following World War II.

ID: 67915  No.595

File: 1435545737166.gif (443.93 KB, 340x192, curse_you.gif)


Curse you and your wiki-facts woman.

File: 1417315424420.jpg (62.44 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_n6xf1bmTZp1r….jpg)

ID: 1fb0e  No.35[Reply]

So I think we missed most of if not all of last season of Game of Thrones, didn't we?
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ID: bed87  No.577

File: 1434488875479.gif (485.66 KB, 500x242, 6zcYqXR.gif)

>People that still support Stannis
>People that think R'hllor is awesome

ID: 399e7  No.578

Yeah in a GoT thread I post on at a hockey board had one guy saying "Don't any of you feeling even the slightest bit sorry for Stannis?" Thankfully the overwhelming response was "Nope."

Some Stannis fans are holding out hope that he didn't die though because we didn't get to see his mangled corpse.

ID: bed87  No.579

File: 1434547602908.jpg (18.55 KB, 302x218, 1431523092699.jpg)


Apparently the official episode summary confirms that Brienne cacked his ass.

Oh, also

>People who defend Cersei

ID: 399e7  No.580

Yeah, I think the way they used Brienne's sword swing as a cut to Ramsay killing a soldier was supposed to make it clear but the internet dreams anyway.

Cersei gets what she deserves. However, expect some Cersei revenge next season.

ID: 7296e  No.581

FINALLY I can stop sitting on spoilers from the book.
It's all uncharted territory from now on (apart from a couple of plot lines they dropped this season).

File: 1434050927422.jpg (27.83 KB, 300x220, Dusty-Rhodes[1].jpg)

ID: bc9e9  No.567[Reply]

Virgil "Dusty Rhodes" Runnels, October 12, 1945 – June 11, 2015

And now to sadden the smarks.

Dusty wasn't great on the stick, but he was at least memorable. Not a great worker in the ring, but he put on a grand show when he could. And by all accounts he was a solid booker and manager.

ID: 8b71d  No.570

Pretty good run for a wrestler.

File: 1434023626593.jpg (83.41 KB, 440x560, Christopher-Lee-christophe….jpg)

ID: fba62  No.562[Reply]

Sir Christopher Lee Frank Carandini Lee CBE CStJ, (27 May 1922 – 11 June 2015)

What can I say? From Dracula to Saruman, he'd done it all, and you owe it to yourself to watch Hammer's Dracula and perhaps The Man With The Golden Gun.

A full, inspiring career filled to the hilt. Godspeed.

ID: 6e469  No.564

Oh man. This hurts. He's had such a full diverse and interesting life you can barely believe it.

ID: 4438d  No.565

But… he can't die.

Sheer cool-old-guyness was supposed to be keeping him alive.

ID: 6e469  No.566

he'll have to live forever in our hearts, I guess.

Man…being remembered is the lamest kind of immortality.

ID: fba62  No.568


It's the only one we've got right now. I'd rather be dead an' remembered than alive an' forgotten.

I'd forgotten until earlier this morning that Lee was part of the inspiration for James Bond–he was on the Ungentlemanly Deeds team with Ian Fleming back in the 40s.

ID: 895dc  No.569

It was going to happen.. But man, what a life that guy had. I don't think you could have a fuller one.

File: 1433000369339.jpg (68.79 KB, 640x272, brianblessed.jpg)

ID: d3427  No.531[Reply]

With some BRIAN BLESSED to start us off.


ID: 5acf6  No.533

File: 1433016512356.jpg (15.38 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

ID: 4dbec  No.539

File: 1431479837039.png (346.38 KB, 1284x627, jem logo.png)

ID: 7d427  No.452[Reply]


Those of you who were hyped for a nostalgia blast or lots of glam or something goofy and 80s, get your disappointments ready. The film is just another stock-standard "nobody girl with no self-confidence suddenly gets big and has to face her fears" film with some pink hair, silly names, and all modern music and modern fashions.

And no Misfits.
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ID: 9b6df  No.465


Much better.

ID: 25729  No.466

File: 1431569275027.gif (1.97 MB, 300x150, 1219.gif)

>All that shavehead

ID: 32458  No.503



>It is a hundred per cent true to the spirit of Jem, like 100%, and I think that people will be very pleasantly surprised. So in that way it's good - maybe lowering expectations is good. But I think people will be pleasantly surprised for sure.


>“I think you have to see the movie to understand,” she told us. “You can’t put it all in the same movie, and I feel like it really does set it up in a cool way. I think a lot of the things that people think are missing are in there. You just have to see it to understand. You can’t put the whole movie in the trailer.”

ID: 25729  No.504

>You have to see the movie to know the movie isn't bad. Pls pay us for a ticket before you criticize.

ID: e4c0f  No.509

Fire the marketing team and scrap together a better trailer then.

File: 1419033473845.jpg (80.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ID: 4a556  No.126[Reply]

This series has some great production values for something that boils down to schoolyard debate nerdery.

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ID: 2fa5d  No.131


Saba actually could do the laser thing, if I recall correctly. They probably wanted to give him a ranged attack.

ID: 4a556  No.306

After a long delay, the alternate ending!


ID: bf2c2  No.334

Did someone say ‘Super Power Beat Down’?

Because here’s an official one, straight from DC’s CW-verse!


ID: 09ba2  No.335

>Because here’s an official one, straight from DC’s CW-verse!

Instantly lost interest.

ID: d8f65  No.451

Jason David Frank returns for another Super Power Beat Down episode! This time, Tommy—as the Green Ranger—takes on another martial arts master: Street Fighter’s Ryu!


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