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File: 1429253460309.jpg (31.12 KB, 540x437, chrometrooper.jpg)

ID: 7dfbd  No.340[Reply]

The next Star Wars movie helmed by Abrams has a new teaser trailer. Didn't see a thread on it, so figured I'd share and see what you guys think.

First teaser:

Second teaser:

Cautiously hyped. Supposedly the "Chrome Stormtrooper" is being played by Gwendoline Christie(Brienne of Tarth), but I got no verification of it.
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ID: 2618b  No.365

I'm intrigued by the Stormtrooper. Every scene he appears in the teaser, he's got this "This is some heavy shit, man, I gotta get outta here" expression. Rebel Infiltrator? Imperial Defector? I really want to know what his story is.

Also, BB8 being a practical effect and not purely CGI is pretty neat.

ID: 7dfbd  No.369

He's one of the main characters in the group and he starts the film in a dangerous situation, but they didn't elaborate on it.

The factions are Resistance and First Order. Perhaps he's there when the First Order takes over the imperial remnant he may be a part of?

ID: 7dfbd  No.423

File: 1430776359336.jpg (190.28 KB, 693x855, phasma_big.jpg)

Gwendoline Christie verified to be playing Captain Phasma.

ID: 7dfbd  No.425

File: 1430776483118.jpg (63.46 KB, 540x360, tumblr_nntt048Eb41qz8vumo1….jpg)

The dark Jedi unmasked it appears.

ID: 7dfbd  No.426

File: 1430776701613.jpg (378.01 KB, 1440x978, ckyczWG.jpg)

Poe Dameron posing with his X-Wing.

File: 1426174003516.jpg (147.76 KB, 1023x682, Terry Pratchett.jpg)

ID: e0f77  No.296[Reply]

Sir Terence David John "Terry" Pratchett
28 April 1948 – 12 March 2015

ID: 91737  No.297

…This sucks.

ID: 3eece  No.298

Pretty sure from now on at least every other year will be a "Year of Death".

Too many beloved figures getting too old.

ID: 72804  No.299

File: 1426181418343.png (133.12 KB, 635x756, pratchet.png)


For our generation, anyways; the Baby Boomers are now between 60 and 70, and the time has come for them to succumb to age, sickness, or just inevitable human frailty. And with every year that passes, the chances of someone we hold dear to ourselves as a person, an individual we keep held on a pedestal in our memory, is going to go away.

I'm approaching 40 a lot faster than I'd like, and it's getting difficult to deal with the very fact that those who helped define me as a person are footnotes now, and in a few years' time the current generation won't be able to relate. Gone too long.

Sorry for babbling, I'm having a very bad time of it lately.

ID: 769a7  No.300

Sad news indeed.
He had an insightful wit and a way with words that made his books a joy to read.

ID: ea29d  No.301

Wait, so the guy who was the topic of another thread in this very part of the board just DIED?!

Come the fuck on karma, cut us some slack!

File: 1425590932286.jpg (43.81 KB, 720x357, PRPoster-720x357.jpg)

ID: 6624b  No.273[Reply]

Removed from Vimeo due to a copyright claim from Saban, and currently behind an age verification wall on YouTube. The embed over here still works, though:

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ID: 283c6  No.277


>I can't think of any other kid's-show-turned-movie that got anywhere even within spitting distance as dark, violent, sexual, cynical, and bitter as this was.

And assuming this was meant as a parody of such things, that was the whole point.

A parody must first work as an example of what it intends to parody. Blazing Saddles wouldn’t have been an amazing parody of Westerns if it hadn’t been a Western from the outset. If—IF—POWER/RANGERS is supposed to be a parody of ‘dark re-imaginings of shows for kids’, it must first be an example of a dark re-imagining of a show for kids. To that end, it succeeded…but then it took the ‘darkness’ level and turned that bitch all the way up to 11.

That’s where the whole ‘parody’ aspect comes in: it’s taking the ‘dark re-imagining’ idea to its logical extreme so people know just how dark that sort of approach can get. About the only thing this short didn’t do to push the ‘dark’ level to the max is have Kimberly get raped by Dawson, and that likely would’ve been a bit much even for this.

ID: 522ac  No.278

I didn't even bother watching the whole thing. I just skimmed through it.

To me, it didn't bode well that the very first thing shown is the Rangers running around like fucking space marines and firing nondescript rifles at whatever it is they're shooting at.

The whole thing just reeked of somebody trying way too hard. I just couldn't take any of this seriously.

ID: daafb  No.279


But the parody still needs to acknowledge that it is a parody. There needs to be some nod to the fact that you know you're making something ridiculous and over the top. It doesn't have to be glaring and constant, but it has to be there. Even having "Tommy" say a dead serious "Go go, Power Rangers" before the fade to black at the end would have been enough.

That nod is the difference between "I'm cranking this bitch to 11 for the lulz" and "I'm cranking this bitch to 11 BECAUSE YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Basically, if you have to tell everyone it's a parody, or if people have to argue over whether it's a parody, you've probably made a shitty parody.


Yeah, "trying too hard" probably about sums it up.

Plus the dude keeps slamming that "You recruited KIDS to FIGHT your WAR!" thing, both in statements about it and in the short itself. And c'mon, let's face it… the original Rangers were not kids. Even leaving aside the casting of adults in the roles, they were all high school students. It's not like Zordon was hanging around the kindergarten playground saying "Hey kid, wanna power coin?"

It just comes off as if he's trying to make some hamfisted argument about army recruitment or something, which again brings it back to the "Taking it too seriously for it to be a parody" thing.

ID: 283c6  No.282


Hey, alls I said was it was trying to be a parody.

I never said it was a good one.

ID: 522ac  No.291

As a bit of a side note, when I saw the helmet in the OP pic, my first thought was "What is that? Is that supposed to be one of the PR helmets? It looks like it's from Battle Fever J/"

File: 1424743096474.jpg (58.28 KB, 454x314, Edgar Frose.jpg)

ID: 79ef7  No.248[Reply]

June 6, 1944 - January 20, 2015

Forever remembered for his contribution in dance, electronic, and ambient music since the early 70's with his band, Tangerine Dream.


ID: effeb  No.280

RIP indeed. My dad tried to get me into this stuff early. I tended to fall asleep at concerts, and when I was about 12, he took me to see Tangerine Dream. Suffice to say, I did not fall asleep.

ID: 79ef7  No.290


Yeah, it seems boring at first but eventually you get into it after listening to some ambient artists over the years. Never got into TD much either when I heard them the first few times but after listening to some Brian Eno, some ambient krautrock, and some Cluster and re-listening to Tangerine Dream, it started to click.

File: 1425059680853.jpg (5.26 KB, 259x194, Spock.jpg)

ID: 73361  No.249[Reply]

Leonard Simon Nimoy
March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015
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ID: 6b15c  No.266

So, this literally happened just a few minutes ago. I don't remember the full context, but I found myself standing on the bridge of the Enterprise, apparently as it was just leaving Space Dock. I was looking around at everyone, seeing all the original crew members in their prime when Kirk speaks.

"How do I intend to begin our journey, Mr. Spock? Mr. Sulu, warp factor 8, plot a course for anywhere."

Just hearing that drove me to tears, at least in the dream.

ID: cdfd5  No.267

File: 1425138007492.jpg (118.29 KB, 970x308, pvp20150227[1].jpg)

Normally PVP is a hit-or-miss comic for me. Too sitcom for my tastes.

Sometimes it's not.

ID: 85cc1  No.268

>watching Wrath of Khan on a Facebook friend's suggestion
>Kirk to Spock; "aren't you supposed to be dead?"
>giggle to self at the context of the movie
>immediately get sad from the context in real life.


ID: 6c914  No.269

File: 1425253605786.jpg (124.29 KB, 1280x720, [Doki] Boku wa Tomodachi g….jpg)

>Log on STO because it's 2XP weekend
>Go to one of my lesser-used characters, pick up storyline I was in the middle of
>Very next mission just happens to have Spock in it

ID: 544a9  No.270

File: 1425289890131.png (412.87 KB, 1280x800, 1425116995.ews_sentinalvat….png)

I remember seeing the first animated Transformers movie in the cinemas here and I could pick his voice immediately.

File: 1423304978432.png (847.12 KB, 920x960, 48525216_p0.png)

ID: c3408  No.194[Reply]

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ID: f911e  No.201

>Like Game of Thrones for the family.

I don't understand. Wouldn't that specifically make it not like Game of Thrones?

ID: 0c34f  No.202


Y'know there actually is more to that series than tits and gore.

ID: 0c71f  No.204

it would be like the tell tales series on Games of Thrones…just less neck stabbing

ID: f911e  No.205

Which approaches complex issues that while not blatantly too graphic for children isn't necessarily for children either.

But more bomb throwing?

ID: 0c71f  No.208

of course, how else will link get around so fast without using the bomb and shield trick?

File: 1417825134820.jpg (34.18 KB, 250x250, 53614445.jpg)

ID: 51eae  No.69[Reply]

Because watching this gave me a better appreciation for Jackie Chan and his films:

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ID: f3430  No.156

Probably the greatest dick joke told on television.

Silicon Valley "Mean Jerk Time."


ID: 2e942  No.157

ID: 2e942  No.158

this is my personal fav fight of all time btw. This is Implacable Man done right. Not some big slow clunky mofo. Guy is as fast as Jet Li despite being so much bigger.
Also note how the tide only turns after he starts hitting the same place over and over.
Although the big guy still would have won I think had he not fallen into the old villain cliche of 'weapon escalation'
He didn't really need that sword.

ID: fd3c5  No.159


I like this fight, simply because it's the only one in either Ip Man movie that ends in a draw.

ID: 6be48  No.183


Flash Point Market fight scene.
Has there ever been a more awesome suplex in a movie?

File: 1417491426290.jpg (17.87 KB, 300x300, 51QZvMbcrbL._BO2,204,203,2….jpg)

ID: adefb  No.52[Reply]

Post what you're reading/listening to.

Currently this is what I'm on. It's a well written book on the medical career of Thomas Mutter, a pioneer in plastic surgery as well as an early champion of the use of anesthetics.

I'm a sucker for medical stories.

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ID: dde43  No.119

I hear bad things about the earliest ones. Color of Magic et al. People who start with book 1 apparently are like "Bluh."

ID: dde43  No.120


Laurel K Hamilton pisses me off on several levels. She has insulted her fanbase once or twice, and pretty much committed several author sins either due to her ego or her laziness.

ID: adefb  No.121


I started with Color of Magic so obviously I'm biased. But in retrospect they are the Discworld in its infancy.

The first few discworld books are Pratchett first developing the setting. But it sets the stage for the overall theme of the series as a whole, which is transition. The world of Discworld changes throughout the 40 books from a medieval fantasy world to one we'd recognize more as an industrial one, and it does so in a very short period of time. From Color of Magic to the latest one you're looking at a period of about 30-40 years.

So Color of Magic is the Discworld in the thick of medieval fantasy. Its very raw and is focused entirely on parodying a lot of fantasy tropes. Pratchett doesn't start hitting his stride until some say Small Gods, but I think we see the last of it in Guards! Guards!

ID: adefb  No.122

Also unfortunately, Pratchett announced in 2008 that he was diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer's. It begins to really show in his later books to the point that I felt Snuff (39) was a pretty bad book. I'm not even going to buy Raising Steam after reading some of the reviews.

ID: ac8ff  No.146

File: 1419883535130.jpg (405.08 KB, 1260x990, 1401657849.rukis_otbp-cove….jpg)

So, I said I'd post my review of Off the Beaten Path. Here it is.


File: 1418004224568.jpg (34.22 KB, 225x332, 225px-ShortbusPoster1.jpg)

ID: 5ec42  No.72[Reply]

So, who's seen this movie, and what are your thoughts on it?
I was driven to laughing tears on the threesome the first time I watched it.
To me I hold this movie as one of my personal favourites, in that artsy/indie sort of category.

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