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File: 1496525025659.jpg (172.63 KB, 1024x768, bk13_1024x768.jpg)

ID: 4863d  No.1181

After a much need break after the emotionally draining Changes. I'm returning to the Dresden Files with Ghost Story.

Quick question: Did anyone else picture Mort played by Jason Alexander? It just fits so well.

ID: e6e85  No.1186

No but that's amazing and works.

ID: b6bd6  No.1218

In the spirit of this, I've been reading American Gods and sort of mentally picturing it as "Anthony Hopkins and Vin Diesel drive across a FGO singularity".

ID: cb98c  No.1224

Funny, I too have been going through American Gods, though on audiobook. So far it’s been good, as the production has a full cast and the story is pretty interesting.

ID: 77a3f  No.1226

File: 1531056905865.jpg (74.15 KB, 600x750, yE0LDQy.jpg)

ID: 4863d  No.1227

It IS missing Butters with his one man polka band setup.

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