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File: 1419581457555.jpg (507.79 KB, 1280x720, Clara_Oswald_The_Day_of_Th….jpg)

ID: eac90  No.135


ID: 95bbf  No.136

File: 1419613295669.gif (474.49 KB, 500x272, tumblr_inline_n7n7khGpB51s….gif)

Did she die? Was it awful? Did she get turned inside-out?

ID: eac90  No.137


Please don’t hit me.

She lived. She’ll be back for the next series.

ID: 95bbf  No.138

File: 1419616071194.gif (1.78 MB, 500x255, tumblr_nc8y9jrbCi1qk5qxgo1….gif)


Well. I guess I'll just wait for Thirteen, then, won't I?

ID: 2df6e  No.139


Supposedly, this was originally going to be Clara's last appearance on the show, but there was a last-minute rewrite.

ID: eac90  No.140


I blame this on Moffat, even if he’s not responsible for it.

ID: 95bbf  No.141


Clara is clearly Moffat's self-insert Mary Sue.

ID: b3e82  No.142

Seconded, thirded and even fourth…ed

Was feeling pretty happy at the end of the series 'til I saw she was back for the Christmas special.

Pretty dam pissed off at the number of episodes that had potential to be good stories until she stuffed them up. >___>

Just once I wish they'd take a page from the past n kill off a companion.

ID: eac90  No.143


>Just once I wish they'd take a page from the past n kill off a companion.

You ain’t the only one. At this point, the wider Doctor Who fandom would probably celebrate if Clara died.

ID: 04869  No.144


>At this point, the wider Doctor Who fandom would probably celebrate if Clara died.

More like thank which ever alien race killed her off.

ID: eac90  No.147

ID: 904d3  No.148


They should've let her go at the end of the series and maybe, and I stress the "maybe" part, have a future episode having some sort of closure with Danny Pink either returning to her or really dieing off this time.

ID: 95bbf  No.150


What a terrible "news" site.

ID: 07e14  No.180

ID: 9662b  No.680

ID: 6b620  No.681

File: 1442583482776.jpg (17 KB, 464x275, keenancrying.jpg)


Is it true?

Are we finally free?

ID: 26571  No.682


My only regret is knowing she still has one season to scar us with more of her crap.

ID: bef21  No.691

So, three episodes in and if I were to describe the current series I would say it is like the writers have given us a chocolate bar saying 'this is what you always wanted' and when you bite into the best chocolate you have ever tasted you suddenly taste raw broccoli and when you spit it out and go 'WTF?" the writers say, 'Well if you want the chocolate you gotta eat all of it'.
Tempted to jam the whole bar back up their asses. >__>

ID: 4cc32  No.720

Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!

So done with this season.

ID: 95bbf  No.721


Okay, 'splain.

ID: 14739  No.723

Sleep No More, latest episode. Felt like it was only half written, poorly thought out and had an ending that left me wondering who won. The Doctor or the Bad guy scientist who was shot in the back towards the end and yet still manages to appear in a broadcast message explaining how no one guess his plan (that sounded a lot like the Halloween 2 ending where a broadcast signal was supposed to kill everyone who saw it) before crumbling into a pile of dust himself. The whole story revolved around these sleep dust monsters evolving from a machine that compressed hours of sleep into 5 minute periods. Clara of course, ends up in one.
The story is confusing in the sense that there are elements pointed out but never explained and the main bad guy apparently dies twice with no reasoning.
I get the feel the writers are just jerking off to their own importance rather than writing plots n stories.

ID: 496c4  No.724

*deep breath* Ok was a little bit emotional when I posted last so I will try to explain the episode.

-Starts of very Blair Witch-like with scientist guy warning not to watch his message then goes on to explains what happens.(most of the camera work is from a certain persons/security camera POV)
-What happens is that a rescue party of 4 soldiers show up at station and find the Doctor n Clara wandering the abandoned halls.
-they are attacked by sand-like creatures who the Doctor claims after studying residue of one of them, that they are mutated from the sleep dust you get from your eyes.
-scientist guy (from start who id telling the story via recorded message) is found in a sleep deprivation pod (after Clara accidentally enters one) and it's surmised the pods are the cause of the mutations.
-While this is happening the soldiers are getting picked off while the Doctor, Clara n the officer with them discover that the POV camera recordings turn out to be the sleep dust in the air. (the dust monsters cant see and yet someone is using the dut eyes from the creatures to monitor and record whats going on, its never explained who is doing it)
-the scientist guy is found out to be helping the creatures as he claims they want to eat and are using him to lure others so the monsters can escape, scientist guy reveals pod with first victim of the sleep dust virus which made the monsters
-scientist is killed when Doctor Clara n the officer escape back to the TARDIS, the doctor disabling the stations gravity shield to destroy the station n the monsters on it, the Doctor surmising the pods need to be destroyed on nearby colony base
-cut back to the message where the scientist guy explains that no one guessed his real plan where those who have used his pod are affected in some way and the broadcast message (the one he is transmitting) has a signal that activates the mutation turning those who see the message into dust monsters, he then crumbles to dust (dying for an apparent second time.

Leaving me to rage at what appears to be a complete fuck up of an episode.

ID: a3d30  No.725


So what I gather from this is that Clara's still not dead.

Thus, I agree, terrible episode.

ID: b514a  No.726

As someone who just wrote the series off when they Weeping Angeled Rory and Amy what is the deal with Clara? Who is this character and what makes her worse than Super Sue River Song?

ID: d58f5  No.727

Clara Oswin Oswlad AKA the Impossible girl
-first Appeared in Asylum of the Daleks (Matt Smith ep) as a character who died helping the Doctor live.
-Appeared next in The Snowmen (christmas ep) where she helped the Doctor and … well, died… again.
-this set off an arc where the Doctor travels with 'real' Clara in order to find out why he kept running into her leading to a season finale where it's discovered she enters the Doctors time line to 'help' him after the Great Intelligence did the same in order to disrupt the Doctors life (So basically there are Claras scattered through the time lords life subtly helping him succeed)
-She is an control freak who seems more eager to treat time and space like a playground that a serious thing.
-Lately is appears the writers are promoting her character more while making the Doctor look like a fool

The only way this season can be redeemed or explained is if all the episodes so far are just deluded dreams Clara is having on her deathbed. THIS would explain so much then.

ID: 95bbf  No.728


Let's put it this way: ever since she became a companion, even the opening narration is about her and how amazing she is.

ID: de0ff  No.729

I will predict one thing. If they don't kill Clara off at the end of this season then I can see a 99% of her coming back as a recurring guest star AND getting a spin off show of her own. And by CRIKEY that would REALLY piss me off.

ID: 79f2e  No.730


So it sounds like they blended the super special snowflake that was River Song with a terrible re-hash of the Bad Wolf idea from Eccleston's tenure as The Doctor. Which I feel like they've been re-using constantly ever since then.

ID: a3d30  No.731


With a little of the Doctor's Daughter thrown in there, plus a forced rehash of the UST with Rose.

Clara is the worst kind of Mary Sue because there's not even anything original or creative about her. It's like reading a Final Fantasy 7 fanfic and here comes a brand new female character who's had SOLDIER treatment and learned martial arts from Tifa's sensei and communes with the Planet in Cosmo Canyon and that's where she was when her hometown of Corel burned down and-

ID: 79f2e  No.732

Well I mean the opening narration being about her is new.

It's not a good new, but it's new.

ID: 657cc  No.733


Clara is THE Dues Ex. In the episode Death in Heavan in order to try and convince the Cyberman she was the Doctor, Clara rattles off a list of things only the Doctor himself would know. Things Clara apparently picked up from her jaunt in the Doctors time line. So bottom line is when ever the writers feel like it they can have Clara suddenly remember stuff about the Doctor right from his early years if they need a quick fix to an episode.

ID: f0dae  No.738

I hesitate to say this … and I am pretty sure this is premature but …. CLARA IS DEAD!!!

So far I am judging from the long-winded death speech they gave her along with the dramatic death scene along with the 'brave face in the face of total death' thing … but I do believe the may have knocked her off finally…oh and the Black Guardian might have returned … won't know for certain until next week.

ID: 95bbf  No.739

File: 1448205888221.gif (496.77 KB, 448x256, 0f77f3b9804f6c5cb5bf920bd8….gif)

ID: 5ba05  No.740

When has death ever meant anything in Doctor Who?

ID: 95bbf  No.741


When it's a Companion, pretty much.

ID: 09eac  No.743


Yeah. Outside of Sarah Jane and Rose, few companions ever get a second shot. Really, beyond The Doc, The Master, and Davros, there's not an awful lot of death-cheating going on.

ID: 5fdb4  No.744

File: 1448242902890.jpg (18.45 KB, 472x85, notmissedbyallofus.jpg)

I think it's pretty much confirmed now. Only way I can think of them showing her is by bending the "Clara scattered in the Doctors time line" thing…But that would really be stretching it.

ID: 088d6  No.745

Conspiciously missing from that list is "fans of the show"

ID: a3d30  No.746


Please, if they gave a shit about what fans of the show thought of her, she'd have been gone at least two seasons ago.

ID: 2df6e  No.756


Supposedly, this season's finale has the Doctor meeting another of Clara's echoes.

ID: 95bbf  No.757

File: 1448647594799.jpg (33.57 KB, 640x480, Frasier-Crane-frasier-9342….jpg)

ID: a713d  No.759

God it's like Rose all over again.

ID: 95bbf  No.762


Rose was never, ever, ever this bad.

ID: c88bc  No.763

Good thing about this is that the echoes of Clara, always die in the end…So this will mean I get to see Clara die four times…still not enough in my opinion.
Oh and btw, calling bullshit on the echo clause.

ID: 528f2  No.764

Okay the more I see of the next episode the more hopeful I am they are going to make the Doctor into the serious character they first promised. (The man who is supposed to fight the monsters) also the I said the villian behind it all may be the Black Guardian…I might have missed the Valeyard too also Alcohol is great =D btw I love you Sechs I think I have drunk too much.

ID: 95bbf  No.765

File: 1448727457475.gif (Spoiler Image, 952.7 KB, 500x213, tumblr_n0huvwZsgv1r98xw9o2….gif)


I know once upon a time the writers said they were never going to bring back the Valeyard because they thought he was too cheesy and obvious, but you never know.

Also, see attached pic.

ID: 39263  No.768

Okay, Moffat may still have some writing talent left…even if he fails to admit rating for the show have dropped in the US.
Heavan Sent has a decent amount of suspense along with a twist I did not expect. Minor appearance by Clara who was more a 'voice' in the Doctor's head as he was working things out.
>>764 …is that where I put that…oh well ^^;;
Still no mention of who is behind it all but there were multiple mentions of a Hybrid (Dalek/Time Lord) creation that may be involved…But was dismissed at the end by an even bigger twist when the Doctor revealed that he himself is the hybrid…but half Time Lord half what is still yet to be shown.
Overall while things seemed confusing they were easily explained in the episode…maybe all the extra writing they had left over now Clara is a dead dodo.

ID: 12a06  No.776

Well before I see tonight's finale I am going to go on record as saying I am expecting a big sucker-punch from Moffat's writing because knowing him he will have something up his sleeve to piss me off.

ID: 8bb61  No.777

*slow claps* Well, well, well. It's not often I am right about things. Tonight's episode was not just a sucker-punch to fans but also a swift kick in the balls while walking out and flipping the bird with both hands.
Let's recap shall we?

Heaven Sent started off with the Doctor ending up in a castle maze where he was chased by a creature called the Veil. A creature from Time Lord legend that is the inevitable death that follows. In order to keep ahead the Doctor confesses to truths about himself to freeze the creature and to change the maze he is trapped in. To open up closed passageways. He does this until he finds the exit but in order to break free he must make his biggest confession about what he knows on the creature known as the Hybrid. He refuses and the Veil catches n zaps him. As he is dying the Doctor recounts on how each room he visited resets after he had left it so surmises that all within the castle is recorded in some way. He crawls back to the teleport room and hooks himself up to the machine and uses his remaining energy to remake himself in the chamber before crumbling to dust. The cycle begins again until billions of years later, after chipping away at the blocked exit to finally escape onto Gallifrey. Here he finds his confessional disc (the thing he was trapped in) and confides to someone unknown that he is the Hybrid.
K lets take a break here, episode may not sound like much but if you saw it you would say it was pretty impressive.
Heys Sechs, how you been doing there?
Anyway, onto the disappointment that is Hell Bent.
Starts off with the Doctor walking into a desert cafe where Clara is the waitress and he tells a tale of looking for a girl called Clara…(it is assumed that the waitress is an echo). Anyway, on Gallifrey the Doctor confronts Rassillon (the Lord President) and sends him packing. Taking over the Doctor then claims he needs to talk to Clara regarding the Hybrid so the Time Lords arrange to pluck her from her time stream seconds before she dies, (we are told her death is a fixed point in time so she can't be saved) but the Doctor has a brain fart and runs off with Clara (who it is revealed isn't really alive…she's moving n stuff but has no pulse or heart beat) There is talk of how long the Doctor spent in the confessional as he n dead-dodo-girl steal another TARDIS and go off running to the end of time where the Doctor thinks Clara will be healed and restored to life. Here at the end of time he meets up with Ashildr (viking girl whom he brought beck to life with alien medical tech that allows her to live on and on and on … and was the one who technically killed Clara) watching the universe die. During a discussion about the Hybrid Ashildr claims it is Clara and the Doctor, as the Time Lords actions is more or less sending him the deep end in order to keep Clara alive. In the end he uses a device to wipe his memories of Clara in order to avoid destroying time n space…he then wanders off to the cafe to tell his story to echo-Clara who, surprise-surpise, turns out to be the living-no-pulse-no-heartbeat-Clara who ends up running off with Ashildr in the second stolen TARDIS while leaving the Doctor his own TARDIS…So yeah, while Clara's death is assured (well until someone can come along and spoil her new adventures and stick her back in her death) both she and some immortal wench are off running around the stars.
So yeah, sucker-punch, kick to the balls and bird flipping all round.

ID: bd9f1  No.778

Ward just can't seem to decide between "I want to kill my adoptive daddy" and "I'mma heil Hydra harder than anyone has ever heiled".

ID: 2df6e  No.787

So, the Christmas special…

Hello, Sweetie.

ID: b514a  No.788

What so we kill one and the other comes right back? Go to hell, Moffat.

ID: a713d  No.789

Cut off a head and two more take its place

ID: 95bbf  No.790


Heil Marysuedra.

ID: 2df6e  No.791

Much like in her first appearance, River doesn't know it's the Doctor when she first meets him.

ID: f3632  No.792

Well not so much as kill as make one into a Captain Jack/Doctor clone and sent her off in her own TARDIS (can you say 'crappy spin off series' boys n girls?)

Not surprised seeing she spent most of her time trying to jump Matt Smith/Doctors bones. (eeew old guy, who like old guys?)

ID: d855a  No.801

Well I read a story via twitter going on about "CantKillMe" Clara and Ashildr and what they might get up to know they ran off with a second stolen TARDIS…No real talk of a spin-off series but idle speculation is where it starts. God I picked a bad century to give up drinking.

ID: 95bbf  No.802

>Decide to finally watch first Capaldi episode just to see what it's like
>Oh hey it's the WhoScoobies, they're always fun
>Just gonna drop that fossil thing on us and not bother to explain, huh?
>Put this one back in the oven, he's not fucking done
>Ah yes, "cute" misandry, that's just adorable
>Okay, watching Capaldi flirt with the dinosaur is pretty funny
>And Clara gets knocked on her ass by a thrown newspaper, this is almost looking up
>I unfortunately have to side with Clara on everyone bitching her out about not immediately accepting this new Doctor… it's not like just his looks changed, he's acting like he had a damn stroke
>Oh, so Twelve can remember Amy, but he can't remember one of the most significant events of Ten's entire life. That's not a "fuck you" at all
>Kept the jump/push thing ambiguous, actually like that, way it should be, didn't need the lampshade later
>Eleven basically guilt-trips Clara into staying with Twelve. Wow, dick move, dude, not only is that super manipulative, you have no idea if the next you is an asshole or something (and he kinda is)
>So… android dude goes to Heaven. Guess the entry restrictions aren't too stiff.
>And wow, this woman calling the Doctor her boyfriend is acting crazy, what's up with that?
>Overall… eh.
>Shut off Netflix, go to bed
>Hours later
>Get up, zombie shuffle to bathroom
>Zombie shuffle back to bed
>Eyes snap open
>Was that the fucking T-rex?!

ID: 34ef2  No.803

Got to say the post regeneration weirdness has been a thing before with a few of the past Doctors.

There's a really… REALLY good reason crazy lady is crazy but I will leave you to discover why.

Why is there a T-rex in your bathroom?

ID: 95bbf  No.804


Ten was a little muddled after his but mostly slept it off, Eleven had the whole "I'm a bit off and need to rediscover my tastebuds" obsession, but if there was ever a "spending an entire episode wandering around acting like a crazy person" regeneration it was from before the new era and I haven't seen it (only seen scattered old episodes).

ID: 2d61d  No.805

hmmmm come to think of it…Colin Baker Doctor was the only one who came close to the same level of weirdness as Peter Capaldi's did. Rest were more a quiet transition of self discovery.

ID: 8b817  No.808


Seven acted very oddly in his first ep, but that was a side-effect of behind the scenes malarkey (the Sixth era writers either all quit or were sacked, and the couple assigned to write for Seven had little knowledge of the show and almost none of McCoy, so they just threw shit at the wall). There were also Grand Plans for developing Six, which never came about.

It really comes down to the writers how regeneration goes. From what I'm gathering, Moffat waved his penis about making sonic screwdriver sounds.

ID: 594bb  No.815

Well…wow, okay. Seems like without Clara about the writing gets a little better in Husbands of River Song.
While River doesn't recognize the Capaldi Doctor she was expecting him to show up but due to being chased by the robot bad guy she drags the Doctor off using her usual confident attitude of knowing everything. Was good seeing her be surprised at the new Doctor's face and how she didn't expect it. Loved the choice given towards the end of Saving River or saving a ship full of criminals…no brainer there and no regrets seen which gives me hope that Capaldi's Doctor is going to end up as an ass kicking Doctor. Big shout out to River's first appearance and death (way back in the Tennant era with her getting the sonic screwdriver gift from the Capaldi Doctor. This makes me thing they did this episode to close the circle of River Song's character. Which is something they haven't done in ages.
Overall quite enjoyable.

ID: 8b817  No.852

Well I have some news. Good is relative.


Moffatt will leave Doc Who after the 10th season (2016), to be replaced by Chris Chibnall.

Chibnall's primary credits are Torchwood: "Day One", "Countrycide", "End of Days", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", "Adrift", "Fragments", "Exit Wounds", and the execrable "Cyberwoman". He has also written for Doc Who before ("42", "The Hungry Earth"/"Cold Blood", "Pond Life", "The Power Of Three", "P.S.") and a series called Broadchurch that I know nothing about.

I am very…pensive.

ID: 10862  No.853

Too little too late in my opinion.

ID: 8b817  No.972

Some of you can exhale: Jenna Coleman out, a Pearl Mackie will be new companion for Series 10.


ID: 95bbf  No.974


They're probably just toying with us again.

ID: bbea9  No.976

The way Jenna Coleman left was a blatant set-up for her own spin off series, where I suspect she will cross the Doctor's path again and make him look silly like she always does.

ID: 95bbf  No.977


Is there some giant fandom for her that I have just never, ever, ever seen?

I could have seen Amy getting her own spinoff, for some reason the entire fandom was absolutely foaming mad in love with her, but about the most I've ever seen anyone say of Clara was "eh she's not as bad as you say".

I mean I get why that stupid fuck Moffat would want to do a spinoff series for her, I just don't get why the BBC would indulge him in that.

ID: c676e  No.989

Dunno about giant fandom but there are some misguided fools who thought she was a decent enough companion to shed tears for her.

No, with Clara's departure from the show (in her very own TARDIS and Capt Jack like abilities) and Moffat now free to try n sell his ideas to whomever, I can smell a spin-off series like I am downwind of a garbage dump in the middle of summer.

ID: 5ac4c  No.1022

I'll leave this here n let you all decide if God is kind and merciful.

ID: 1e3da  No.1023

File: 1465523316572.png (73.22 KB, 660x660, 997352.png)

ID: 95bbf  No.1024

She really is like cancer, just when you think you've cut her out and gotten rid of her, she comes back and digs in again.

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