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File: 1423065655582.jpg (172.28 KB, 1600x863, marvel-logo-wallpaper-2036….jpg)

ID: b216c  No.184[View All]

Startin’ this thread with the trailer for Marvel’s first Netflix-exclusive series, Daredevil:

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ID: 5b950  No.405


I might ram some straw up your butt but it'd threaten to hold you upright in the breeze that determines your opinion each day.

What else do you suggest, exactly? Every time one of these "we need" or "we deserve" statements comes up, no one says how they're going to get it. Are you going to force the writers to write to some nebulous quota? No? Are you going to bitch at writers whenever they don't write to make samesaid nebulous quota? No? Well, I think we've established that the goal is "Let writers write what the fuck they want and judge it on its merits thereof and not whether it meets quota", so fuck off with anything else.

ID: c6e52  No.406


>What else do you suggest, exactly?

Honestly? Anything I suggest would sound like “quotas” or “orders” or “directives”, so I’m just gonna shut up and pretend I never fucking said a thing about this subject.

ID: 0b78c  No.407

Static Shock was really good.

ID: 28258  No.408

yea, he was pretty good, heck he even had a part where he goes into the future and meet his future self who is rather big time hero then.

ID: f6b48  No.409

And don't forget the crossover with JLU

ID: fbbfd  No.410

Finally watching Daredevil. Just wrapping up the first ep.

Man the movie was better than this shit.

ID: 42e5a  No.412

Parts of it suck. Parts of it are weird. Parts of it are really good.

Although, Foggy was really the reason I kept watching the show.

ID: 6995e  No.414

Really enjoyed Age of Ultron. Had some minor critiques, but overall it's worth seeing and just enjoying.

ID: 7564c  No.428

File: 1430822201393.png (279.46 KB, 1280x1043, rdbored.png)

So apparently due to him being a 'sexist white male pig' who ruined Age of Ultron forever with his sexist writing, Joss Whedon has been harassed clear off of Twitter.

Boy, I sure am glad the Tumblrinas covered their ass with the whole "there are no bad tactics, just bad targets" thing a while back, totally excuses this.

ID: 6995e  No.429

Idiots. I highly doubt any of these claims were well written.

ID: f5727  No.430


Wait, what happened exactly?

ID: f5727  No.431


Actually, looking it up further he deleted his Twitter account not because of being harassed, but because he was pressured into it by Marvel execs after he made some controversial comments about upcoming Jurassic Park and Annie movies.


ID: 498f9  No.432


Allegedly, Whedon quit Twitter after people harassed him over “problematic” parts of Age of Ultron (including a rape joke made by Tony Stark and parts of Black Widow’s storyline in the film).

I don’t think that’s the only reason he quit, but it probably gave him a good excuse.

ID: b1460  No.433

>So apparently due to him being a 'sexist white male pig' who ruined Age of Ultron forever with his sexist writing, Joss Whedon has been harassed clear off of Twitter.

I can't say I feel sorry for him, after some of the shit he's said on there.

He chose to lay down in the nest of vipers that is SJWism, even as they bit at him WHILE he was laying down in it. Hard to feel sorry for him when they all decided to bite and bite harder once he'd settled in.

ID: ccf5e  No.434

The "Problematic"(god I hate that word) part of the story was that Black Widow allegedly called herself a monster because she had a Hysterectomy.

In full context she called herself a monster because she was mentally and surgically conditioned to murder without remorse.

ID: 732d2  No.435


Yeah, it's always interesting to watch the SJW mob turn on one of their own. In some ways it's more vicious.

ID: 6995e  No.436


Woah woah woah… Let's not be rational here.

ID: 498f9  No.437

Remember when I used the word “allegedly” in relation to why Whedon left Twitter?

Well, as it turns out…

>Joss Whedon Calls “Horsesh*t” On Reports He Left Twitter Because Of Militant Feminists


ID: 732d2  No.438


Pull the other fucking one, it's got bells on.

ID: c78aa  No.439

>"N-no, they weren't hurting me, officer. I just… fell… off twitter. They're really wonderful women with an important cause, you'd understand that if you got to know them. … JUST LEAVE!"

ID: 6995e  No.440

Apparently he left Twitter because reasons.

ID: c78aa  No.441

So having seen Age of Ultron, my thoughts are that it's very good, but it definitely has pacing problems, almost certainly caused by the large amount of material cut out of it.

I'm anticipating an Extended Cut, and I think at that point there's every chance that it will be better than the first one. Right now I think it's not quite as good.

Though I'm hoping that Civil War will be the last time we have to have "the heroes come into direct conflict" as a plot point. It worked in the first one because "superheroes fight the first time they meet" is sort of a tradition so it worked as an introductory kind of thing, but I really hope that we can get past this thing where every single movie with more than one superhero in it has to involve a significant portion of runtime with them not trusting each other to the point of outright fighting. It already sucks that the comics have the heroes spending 90% of their time fighting other heroes instead of villains, so it'd be good if we could move away from that in the movies.

ID: 687f3  No.442


>because "superheroes fight the first time they meet" is sort of a tradition

Am I the only one who's really getting tired of this "tradition"? Not every superhero crossover has to start with everyone at each other's throats.

ID: 6c9c3  No.443

Thoughts on Age of Ultron:

* Unlike Sechs, I didn't mind the “heroes fighting each other” bit, since it played well into two overarching throughlines of the Avengers/MCU story: Banner worrying about “going green” at the wrong time in the wrong place, and the schism between Captain America and Iron Man. (We’ll see the endgame for that in Civil War, I’d assume.)
* Ultron made for a good villain—doing the wrong thing for what he thought was the right reason—but I think he could’ve benefitted from a bit more development that Marvel may have made Whedon sacrifice for the runtime.
* If Bruce snagged the “breakout” performance in Avengers, Hawkeye got it in Ultron. Damn shame he might not be back until Infinity War.
* I’m honestly a little shocked that Whedon/Marvel signed off on Tony levelling that tower with Hulk inside, considering the 9/11 imagery invoked by that scene. (That said? Hulk vs. “Veronica” is the best action sequence of the film.)
* Ultron hit Iron Man 2-levels of “worldbuilding” and foreshadowing—not counting the mid-credits stinger (Infinity War), we got references to Wakanda (Black Panther), Thor's visions (Thor: Ragnarok), the Maximoff twins (easily seen as a precursor to Inhumans), and all the Cap/Tony bickering (Civil War). My hope is that the Phase Three films don’t do nearly that level of bullshit.
* As for the Whedon bullshittery…I’m not qualified enough to talk about it, but I am qualified enough to know that his trademark “snarkmaster” writing permeated Ultron almost as badly as—if not worse than—it did in Avengers. Ultron and Hawkeye do make for excellent snarkmasters, though (and Hawkeye kinda deserves the role, since he’s the only Avenger besides Black Widow to lack either superpowers or the wealth necessary to mimic them).

I’d definitely hold out to see if Marvel will let Whedon do a “Director’s Cut” that puts in the stuff Marvel asked him to axe. But regardless, the film is still a fun watch, and I honestly think it’s a little better-plotted (or at least more character-oriented) than Avengers.

Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier still beat it in terms of quality, though. Here’s hoping the Russos pull off a miracle with Infinity War.

ID: 6c9c3  No.444

And speaking of Civil War, Marvel announced the start of production on the film—and confirmed a shitload of characters for it.

Coming straight from Marvel’s website, Civil War will feature the following characters: Steve Rogers/Captain America, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson/Falcon, The Vision, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Jim Rhodes/War Machine, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Scott Lang/Ant-Man, T’Challa/Black Panther, Sharon Carter/Agent 13, Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, and General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross (with William Hurt reprising the role from The Incredible Hulk). And that’s not counting Spider-Man or any other surprises Marvel may have up its sleeve.

So…shit, Civil War may as well be Avengers 3.

ID: 95eda  No.445

>(easily seen as a precursor to Inhumans)
Actually on Agents of SHIELD we are dealing with inhumans right now. They officially used the name.

ID: 6c9c3  No.446


I meant film-wise. Not everyone watches Agents of SHIELD.

ID: 6995e  No.449

But it's all connected. I was told the beginning of Age of Ultron has a lot less pacing issues of you watched last week's AoS.

ID: 95eda  No.450

Not really, the pacing issues are still there. And that last 5 minutes of the episode before it was "Go See Age of Ultron!" So it wasn't TOO connected.

ID: 6995e  No.457

Interesting implications in the season 2 finale of Agents of SHIELD. Seeds of Civil War already hinted at.

Also, I've determined that Fitz is the Pippin of AoS.

ID: 6995e  No.476

File: 1431649490432.png (468.92 KB, 1280x802, tumblr_nnwqv4u5wK1s6qui5o1….png)

Rick and Morty meets Age of Ultron.

ID: 95eda  No.477

I'm a little shocked that they just flat out killed Simmons in the stinger at the end Really took my by surprise.

ID: fbbfd  No.480


I wasn't that surprised. I thought to myself "Hm. This episode hasn't quite hit its Whedon quotient. Someone in this scene is definitely gonna YUP there it is."

I don't know that we can assume she's actually dead though.

ID: 6995e  No.482

If Fitz and Simmons are ever allowed to hook up, the Marvel universe ends.
Yup. Whedon factor.

ID: 56d12  No.486

It's really more about how…unceremoneous it was. Just a sudden BOOM floosh cut to black. Whole thing took under a second. That's more what suprised me.

ID: ac503  No.487

Finished Daredevil the other day, liked it.

All that yellow light. I kept wondering if New York is actually like that at night or if it was a deliberate choice.

Re: Madam Gao: She's a Secret Martial Arts Master (look how she threw him across the room), some kind of cult leader (her workers blinded themselves for her) and she's returning home to somewhere 'farther' than China. Now I'm a Filthy Casual where the comics are concerned, but a friend more in the know agrees with me that there may be a strong connection here to Iron Fist lore. Apparently the symbol on the heroin packets is part of that too.

ID: 05bb0  No.488


Iron Fist is one of the planned Netflix shows and all of the Netflix shows have an endgame (The Defenders) much like the MCU films had (The Avengers).

ID: 95eda  No.489

File: 1431981797144.gif (41.2 KB, 500x370, tumblr_nnqw5fEDKA1tai218o1….gif)

Agreed 100% about you on Gao.

Take a look at this, though.

ID: 4b34c  No.491


>Mind Gem


Wait…wasn’t it actually yellow when it went into Vision’s forehead?

ID: fbbfd  No.492



The gem colors have been inconsistent in the comic over the years and don't let anyone tell you differently.

ID: 95eda  No.493

Also, Orb might be Soul, and Tesseract might be Power. It's all a little unclear.

ID: 798b6  No.494


I thought they explicitly stated that the Orb is Power Gem.

ID: 4b34c  No.497


And considering how the Tesseract opened a portal to another part of space…

ID: 95eda  No.499

It was also used as a power source by Hydra. Of course I could be totally wrong so what do I know?

ID: 75a9f  No.587

H…Helmet. HOLY SHIT Antman's helmet will be powered by an infinity gem.

ID: f079e  No.590

File: 1435324832199.jpg (45.38 KB, 500x437, nfm0v.jpg)


I'm honestly getting tired of the whole Infinity Gem thing. I mean, I get that it's the metaplot tying the movies together, but it's turning from an overarcing thing into pic related.

Weird Nazi tech? Powered by an Infinity Gem. Arc Reactor? Created after studying said Infinity Gem. Sentient AI? Infinity Gem.

At this point the only characters that can't trace their powers back to an Infinity Gem at some point are Thor, Cap, Hulk, and the unpowereds. (Assuming that Falcon's flightsuit is based on Stark tech, though they've never specified that so maybe him.) And frankly I wouldn't be shocked at this point that Asgardian magitech is powered by an Infinity Gem (Thor's bit in Avengers seems to imply this anyway) and that the creator of the super soldier formula got the idea from one somehow, which would link both Cap and the Hulk.

Eh. I'm probably making a bigger deal of it than it is. I'm just kind of annoyed at the extent everything seems to be revolving around these plot coupons.

ID: 89126  No.591


Was the Arc Reactor based on research from the Tesserract? It's my understanding it was mentioned in the first Iron Man movie as being created to keep "the hippies happy" by Obidiah (Starks partner). Made me think he and Tony made it after Howard Stark died, before Tony found out his dad was with Shield and before the Tesseract became known.

ID: f33d0  No.592


AFAIK the movies say nothing about the arc reactor being based off inf. gems

…they're based of 86's RL research into cold fusion - just using a different name.

>fun science fact

Paladium electrolysis processes using sea-water has a funny tendensy create more heat-energy than you put electric-energy into 'em. Basically: Cold fusion with nothing more energetic than boiling water.

The trick is finding a way to stabilize the process.

SO quite honestly: Of all the Marvel superhero-tech, the arc reactor is actually the closest thing to science fact out there

ID: fbbfd  No.593



>This New Element is an element researched and theorized by Howard Stark, and later synthesized by Tony Stark as a replacement for the palladium core in his Arc Reactor, which had been poisoning him. The element generates power similar to that of the Tesseract, which Howard Stark found and studied in the years following World War II.

ID: 67915  No.595

File: 1435545737166.gif (443.93 KB, 340x192, curse_you.gif)


Curse you and your wiki-facts woman.

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