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File: 1417315424420.jpg (62.44 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_n6xf1bmTZp1r….jpg)

ID: 1fb0e  No.35

So I think we missed most of if not all of last season of Game of Thrones, didn't we?

ID: f07f5  No.36

I believe so, yes.

So did it have dragons this past season or what?

ID: 1fb0e  No.37

File: 1417316202394.jpg (188.55 KB, 2000x1000, o-GAME-OF-THRONES-SEASON-4….jpg)


Well, yeah.

But as this is the season where Drogon starts his Angsty Teenager phase…

ID: 461c8  No.44

You know, I love Danerys, but it feels like she just gets a whole lot of nothing done.

ID: 1fb0e  No.45


She's a Neutral Good ruler in a Chaotic Evil world, it's amazing she even makes any headway at all before things backslide.

ID: 399e7  No.83

I know it pisses a lot of purists off, but I really liked the Hound/Brienne fight.

ID: c08b7  No.84


Everything pisses the purists off. I've started taking a kind of joy in it, TBH.

I thought it brought things to a head a lot better than a random bit of infection and Arya just sort of wandering off to the docks. This way you can understand she feels like she's being driven, pursued, her actually heading off across the sea to a whole different land makes slightly more sense.

And I really hope they do some alterations to her character arc in Bravos because there was some borderline nonsensical shit in the books.

ID: 399e7  No.85

I have faith they'll keep it relatively smooth. I think purists forget that Martin has direct input into the TV series and he hasn't quit working with them yet, so he must not have too much of a problem with the changes.

I just hope the show zeroes in on a path soon. I think some people are starting to wonder what the end game is exactly.

ID: c08b7  No.86


Martin's admitted that one of the reasons the books take him so long to get out is due to the number of corners he's written himself into.

He actually has a chance to help the show avoid the pitfalls he dug for himself as he was writing the books.

ID: 399e7  No.92

At least he's willing to admit it. Lord knows there are plenty of writers that won't.

ID: 7f85d  No.203

>It's finally happened. That thing that we've been worrying about since the show aired its first season way back in 2011. Game of Thrones has now run out of books to adapt.


ID: 399e7  No.206

It's not surprising at all. It's going to be hilarious when the book thread on another board I post on changes to "No show spoilers or discussion please!"

Martin's still involved with the writing for the show, so don't be surprised if the show becomes the engine that drives the remainder of the story for the books as well.

ID: 1fb0e  No.207

Actually it sounds like Winds of Winter is probably like 90% written so I bet the people that do the show have read it and can base a season off of it, even if Martin doesn't manage to get it published before said season airs. But he's got at least another year, he might be able to manage that.

It's the one after Winds of Winter that is gonna wind up labeled "Based on the hit HBO series 'Game of Thrones'."

ID: c7c93  No.227


I thought the latest word was that he had written himself into a couple of corners, but maybe he is now focusing on deciding what goes in WoW and what goes in ADoS, and making sure the former doesn't make the writing of the latter even more cumbersome.

ID: 399e7  No.228

Sounds about right and he's been very forward about it.

I find it refreshing when an author as popular as he is admits that they may have fucked up a bit.

Didn't he also say a couple fan theories basically have the outcome of the story correct, but wouldn't identify which ones?

ID: d7f52  No.336

Bumping thread 'cause it's baaaack.

Anyone else catch it last Sunday?

ID: 399e7  No.337

Yes! Just the standard recap episode with a little bit of location set up.

According to the preview for next week, we get our Arya update.

There are leaked episodes on up to 6 I last heard, but 4 for sure. I've resisted watching them, but they're out there.

ID: 7296e  No.338

ID: 7cb28  No.354

>The Brienne and Sansa plotline changes
>Bronne being put back in the foreground
>The return of Jaqen

Damn, book purists gonna be pissed as all fuck, but these are all super smart choices.

Sansa and Brienne being put in active roles where their plotlines are actually intertwined means that neither of them is left sidelined and essentially doing nothing. (Also means you don't have to pay the actresses just to occasionally flash to them and show "Yup, still basically doing nothing.")

Bronne's always been a fan favorite, and having him hanging out with Jamie being scoundrel-y on a regular basis is way better than him just misbehaving himself offpage/screen and getting mentioned as doing so every so often.

And Jaqen's actor was really popular, and bringing him back helps give some continuity and coherence to Arya's plotline in Bravos.

Also anyone who claims that this show isn't true to the spirit of the books is full of bullshit. Dany's thing last night proves it, because the essence of the books is "The world is evil and the more you try to do the right thing the worse the world is going to fuck you" and that was in full force for her last night.

ID: 399e7  No.357

By and large the choices the show has made when it has made them are the correct ones.

ID: 399e7  No.362

Oh and Brienne is fucking awesome.

And not just because she reminds me of Agrias Oaks from Final Fantasy Tactics.

ID: 7296e  No.364

Littlefinger's accent has finally mutated into something recognisably Irish, instead of the mysterious hodgepodge of sounds that he used previously.

As a Bonglander, part of the fun for me is playing "Spot the Accent"; while most of the Westerosi characters have general Northern or Southern British accents, there are a few who have unique regional accents of their own. So far, I've identified Ser Davos as Geordie (North East/Newcastle) and Janos Slynt as Scouse (Liverpool). As with Sean Bean, I expect the actors are using their natural accents.
Out of curiosity, what do you Murricans/non-Brits make of the British accents in the show?

Re: Arya's plotline - Given the unique talents of the House of Black and White, I suspect that's not the 'actual' Jaqen H'ghar. If I remember the books correctly, A Man who used to use that face is still in Westeros pootling around on his own little plot thread. However, not!Jaqen is a good choice for Arya's new tutor. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing Cat of the Canals.

I do like Brienne, myself, but her player doesn't seem to realise they're in Warhammer Fantasy and not Dungeons & Dragons.

ID: 55b80  No.366


Littlefinger always struck me as one of those people that's trying not to have an accent. Not the actor, the character. Which would fit with his background of claiming to wear his roots like a mark of pride but still actually being ashamed of them.

>I do like Brienne, myself, but her player doesn't seem to realise they're in Warhammer Fantasy and not Dungeons & Dragons.

Brienne strikes me as someone that knows full well what kind of world she lives in but is resolved to live as she thinks she should in spite of it.

In a way it's a reflection of Ned Stark's dedication to living honorably despite knowing it would cost him. I think Brienne's just a bit more flexible in how she views the world and how she chooses to live up to her code. But she's going to keep living by her code even if she knows the rest of the world doesn't care about it or her or anything else, because if she doesn't then what has the point of all of it been?

Basically, if you stop being Lawful Good just because you realized that the world is Chaotic Evil, you were never really Lawful Good in the first place.

ID: 55b80  No.367

File: 1429635189323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.17 KB, 720x404, hOErEPB.jpg)

ID: 399e7  No.370


Characters like Brienne are necessary in the show because you need the contrast.

Also the righteous tend to win out in the long game, but not the short. Even in DnD terms, chaotic evil will always be its own worst enemy because it cannot unify like lawful good.

And bringing up Warhammer is a no go. That's a static universe with no progression.

ID: 3a4e9  No.498

God, all the butthurt about the most recent episode.

>zomg I can't believe that how dare they this is the worst writing

Ramsay Bolton is a monster that has been violating and torturing people since he first showed up in the show. It's the entirety of his character to hurt and demean others. He's done nothing but be as violent and evil as possible for multiple seasons and you've never cared before.


ID: 399e7  No.500

The uproar is blowing my mind considering all the things we've seen in this show already and they didn't even SHOW it.

ID: 1fb0e  No.501


These people are clearly too delicate to watch Game of Thrones. They should stop.

ID: f2500  No.502


From what I’ve read, the uproar isn’t so much about the rape scene itself, so much as it’s about whether such a scene was necessary at that point in the show. Then there’s this bit, from Sophie Turner in an Entertainment Weekly interview (emphasis mine)…

>Last season [Thrones director] Alex Graves decided to give me hints. He was saying, “You get a love interest next season.” And I was all, “I actually get a love interest!” So I get the scripts and I was so excited and I was flicking through and then I was like, “Aw, are you kidding me!?” I thought the love interest was going to be like Jaime Lannister or somebody who would take care of me. But then I found out it was Ramsay and I’m back at Winterfell. I love the fact she’s back home reclaiming what’s hers. But at the same time she’s being held prisoner in her own home. When I got the scripts, it was bit like, dude, I felt so bad for her. But I also felt excited because it was so sick, and being reunited with Theon too, and seeing how their relationship plays out. Theon’s a member of the Stark clan but she thinks he totally betrayed and killed her brothers. It’s a messed-up relationship between them.

…which, if you interpret it a certain way, sounds like one of the show’s directors joked about a rapist being a “love interest” for his victim instead of just telling the actor that her character was going to be raped.

I’m not dipping into this discussion beyond this post because I don’t watch the show and thus have no vested interest in it. I just wanted to bring these points to your attention.

ID: 1fb0e  No.505

>From what I’ve read, the uproar isn’t so much about the rape scene itself, so much as it’s about whether such a scene was necessary at that point in the show.

Oh good, now we can hear The Mary Sue, Mightygodking, and Film Crit Hulk's opinions since Sage is here.

It's an episodic show. No one knows whether the scene is "necessary" to events that will happen. It's mock outrage by stupid people.

>which, if you interpret it a certain way, sounds like one of the show’s directors joked about a rapist being a “love interest” for his victim instead of just telling the actor that her character was going to be raped.

Yes, if you deliberately interpret it in the worst possible way, it sounds pretty bad.

>I’m not dipping into this discussion beyond this post

>I just wanted to bring these points to your attention.


Thanks for the retweet of SJW opinions.

ID: 39f8a  No.506

The funniest thing, the funniest thing, is that I saw people yelling about how much shit the show runners were, but in the same breath saying they didn't blame GRRM. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the version of that scene in the book way worse? It's fucking madness.

ID: 399e7  No.507

What has this show had…

Daenerys…raped by Drogo on their wedding night.
Plenty of brutal violence.
Kid pushed out of a tower after catching a brother and sister having sex.
Rampant strong sexual content.
Rampant violence.
Threats of rape of both males and females.
People being burned alive.
Cersei raped by her brother next to the body of their incest born child.
A pregnant woman stabbed to death, belly first.
Babies murdered.

But no no.. THIS.. THIS is where people draw the line. Ramsay rapes Sansa OFF SCREEN whole Theon watches.

Buncha damn hypocrits.

ID: 1fb0e  No.508


Much worse. In many ways.

Also these same people are dismissing the fact that Dany underwent much the same thing. It seems for a lot of them, Sansa has become emblematic of "plain, unpopular girls who get abused" while Dany has, in their minds, become "the pretty popular girl who gets everything she wants".

This whole batch of bullshit boils down to a footstomp and a screech of "Marsha Marsha MARSHA!"

ID: 399e7  No.510

Could always turn the tables and say people accepted Drogo raping Dany because look at those muscles!

Now Ramsay.. Well.. He looks like a sadist as much as he is one.

ID: 399e7  No.517

File: 1432548378154.jpg (30.44 KB, 457x498, iculminated.jpg)

mfw Cersei was thrown in the dungeon.

ID: 1fb0e  No.519

File: 1432557245983.png (152.89 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_nouqxzpgpj1r….png)


It was sweet, wasn't it?

MFW people actually thought that TheonReek was going to light the candle. Oh sure, two or three years of constant torture and brainwashing by a sociopathic madman can be undone by two or three minutes of Sansa pleading. That's totally the sort of series this is.

ID: 399e7  No.520

Yes it did!
I'd love it if Brienne just stormed the castle and killed them, but I wouldn't bet on it happening. I'd bet on her failing and getting flayed, but one can dream.

ID: 1fb0e  No.522

File: 1432610357254.jpg (60.02 KB, 720x404, FA2zw8W.jpg)

ID: 1fb0e  No.523

File: 1432610855950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.12 KB, 720x404, qpZ9npQ.jpg)

This week's Chrys Watches is pretty fucking funny.


ID: 399e7  No.524

These are fucking glorious!

ID: 1fb0e  No.532

File: 1433016441108.png (1.27 MB, 1412x787, 1424505876347.png)

>Stannis fanboys

ID: 399e7  No.534

He could quickly become the most hated character on the show if he makes the wrong decision.

ID: 1fb0e  No.535


Actually I've seen a lot of them hoping he burns Shireen. Apparently cooking his own daughter alive is not only worth it but morally imperative if it puts "Stannis the Mannis" on the throne.

ID: 399e7  No.536

That's pretty awful actually. His connection to his daughter is actually one of his redeeming qualities.

ID: 1fb0e  No.537


Stannis fanboys are pretty horrible.

I try not to hold them against the actual character.

ID: 399e7  No.538

File: 1433127116209.jpg (74.48 KB, 400x300, gandalffly.jpg)

>the last 20 minutes of the show

ID: f208d  No.540

>Thenns are assholes
>Everyone hates fucking Thenns
>Thenn starts being cool
>So of course he dies

ID: 399e7  No.541

>introduce interesting new character
>kill her in the same episode

ID: 52f9b  No.542


You gotta admit they're becoming remarkably efficient about that.

ID: 399e7  No.543

Yeah I was at least entertained by it.

ID: 1c8a5  No.544

Wow the latest ChrysWatches recap was kinda bleh.

I guess since she can't gripe about "This wasn't in the books" anymore she way overcompensated with the social justice griping.

I hope this doesn't become the new trend because even the eyerollery aside this last one didn't even make me exhale hard let alone laugh.

ID: 399e7  No.545

The SJW angle just doesn't work with Game of Thrones. Screaming "these people are dicks!" is like pissing in a hurricane.

ID: 399e7  No.554

Stannis fanboys got some 'splainin' to do.

ID: 3f6cb  No.555


Any remaining Stannis fanboys after last night are sociopaths.

Anyone who saw last night's episode and still supports Stannis can fuck right off. I ain't even joking, GTFO.

ID: 399e7  No.556

Btw, did you notice the little bit of Macbeth going on there between Stannis and Selyse?

ID: 1fb0e  No.557

File: 1433816789883.jpg (97.61 KB, 720x404, KXHr9OX.jpg)

ID: 1fb0e  No.558

File: 1433816832527.jpg (57.3 KB, 720x404, jSJtn4U.jpg)

ID: 399e7  No.559

haha, good stuff. The Dorn scenes are such a drag this season.

ID: 6b9f0  No.560


They don't really bother me, and I really enjoy Alexander Siddig so I'd probably like the scenes with him even if Doran wasn't such a chairbound badass.

>Doran for the Iron Throne 2016

ID: 399e7  No.561

He's the only good part about those scenes really.

ID: 399e7  No.571

Sechs, I'm just gonna reach across the Internet here and give you a high five.

ID: 05df5  No.572

Game of Rekt.

Rekt of Thrones.

A Song of Awyiss and Rekt.

Basically errybody gettin' their shit rekt.

ID: 399e7  No.573

Good times. Now the long wait.

ID: 1fb0e  No.574

File: 1434420565796.jpg (92.21 KB, 720x404, kOdLpQT.jpg)

ID: 399e7  No.575

>holy shit you totaled her!


ID: bed87  No.577

File: 1434488875479.gif (485.66 KB, 500x242, 6zcYqXR.gif)

>People that still support Stannis
>People that think R'hllor is awesome

ID: 399e7  No.578

Yeah in a GoT thread I post on at a hockey board had one guy saying "Don't any of you feeling even the slightest bit sorry for Stannis?" Thankfully the overwhelming response was "Nope."

Some Stannis fans are holding out hope that he didn't die though because we didn't get to see his mangled corpse.

ID: bed87  No.579

File: 1434547602908.jpg (18.55 KB, 302x218, 1431523092699.jpg)


Apparently the official episode summary confirms that Brienne cacked his ass.

Oh, also

>People who defend Cersei

ID: 399e7  No.580

Yeah, I think the way they used Brienne's sword swing as a cut to Ramsay killing a soldier was supposed to make it clear but the internet dreams anyway.

Cersei gets what she deserves. However, expect some Cersei revenge next season.

ID: 7296e  No.581

FINALLY I can stop sitting on spoilers from the book.
It's all uncharted territory from now on (apart from a couple of plot lines they dropped this season).

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