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File: 1431479837039.png (346.38 KB, 1284x627, jem logo.png)

ID: 7d427  No.452


Those of you who were hyped for a nostalgia blast or lots of glam or something goofy and 80s, get your disappointments ready. The film is just another stock-standard "nobody girl with no self-confidence suddenly gets big and has to face her fears" film with some pink hair, silly names, and all modern music and modern fashions.

And no Misfits.

ID: f8a9e  No.453

Noting something I read on Twitter: rather than being her secret identity, Jerrica has the Jem identity forced upon her by a record label, thus removing damn near all the agency from Jerrica (in relation to the original Jerrica).

Also: no Synergy, no need to save Starlight House, and no Misfits.

At least there’s the officially-licensed comic, which looks pretty good from what I’ve seen of it.

But seriously, fuck this movie right in the ear. Everyone involved with this should feel ashamed of themselves. (Now I’m glad they kept the show’s creator out of the mix. But at least they're just using the names instead of, y’know, her actual creation.)

ID: e4c0f  No.456

Leading candidate for the Razzies from the trailer alone?

ID: 74c71  No.458

So it's Hannah Montana.

ID: 9b6df  No.459


Hannah Montana + (Josie & The Pussycats × Glitter) + scattershot nostalgia-mining = this abortion of a film

ID: 7d427  No.463

File: 1431563290189.png (628.62 KB, 698x445, Jem-and-the-Holograms[1].png)

For what it's worth:

This is the comic version. With Stormer and Kamber all lesbians with each other.

Also enormous pink feathered frohawk. Just sayin'.

ID: 7d427  No.464

File: 1431563335952.jpg (115.26 KB, 680x453, Misfits[1].jpg)

And the Misfits, for good measure.

ID: 9b6df  No.465


Much better.

ID: 25729  No.466

File: 1431569275027.gif (1.97 MB, 300x150, 1219.gif)

>All that shavehead

ID: 32458  No.503



>It is a hundred per cent true to the spirit of Jem, like 100%, and I think that people will be very pleasantly surprised. So in that way it's good - maybe lowering expectations is good. But I think people will be pleasantly surprised for sure.


>“I think you have to see the movie to understand,” she told us. “You can’t put it all in the same movie, and I feel like it really does set it up in a cool way. I think a lot of the things that people think are missing are in there. You just have to see it to understand. You can’t put the whole movie in the trailer.”

ID: 25729  No.504

>You have to see the movie to know the movie isn't bad. Pls pay us for a ticket before you criticize.

ID: e4c0f  No.509

Fire the marketing team and scrap together a better trailer then.

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