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ID: dfdd6  No.467

Well now we get to see what happens when someone major leaves The Simpsons.

TMZ reports Harry Shearer (Flanders, Burns, Skinner, Smithers, and an army of others) held out on re-upping his contract over issues with merchandising rights.

He posted on Twitter a couple hours ago that he's not returning, with no further details.

ID: eca35  No.468

Maybe they'll kill them all off…

ID: 76677  No.469

One down. Five to go.

Ten bux says Fox goes for some cheap-ass replacement voices or utilizes some sort of voice tech to replicate Shearer's work without him.

ID: 7717e  No.470

Zombie Simpsons loses another rotting limb.

ID: 76677  No.471


I’d call this one the first major limb it's lost. Deaths like Marcia Wallace were big chunks of skin, but Shearer’s definitely a leg—I’ll say the left one for the hell of it—so Zombie Simpsons can keep on going. To stretch the metaphor out a little further: Azaria’s the right leg, Smith and Kavner are the arms, Cartwright’s the torso, and Castellaneta’s the head.

Losing Azaria would be just as big a hit as losing Shearer, but the show could keep on crawling anyway. Smith and Kavner don't voice nearly as many characters as either Azaria or Shearer, so they’re easily replaceable if the need so arises. Cartwright’s work as Bart and several of his schoolmates is why I put her as the torso(/heart), but even she could be replaced by her non-union Mexican equivalent if Fox really wanted to pinch pennies. Losing anything below the metaphorical neck would be a huge blow to Zombie Simpsons, but it could still keep going regardless.

I feel like Castellaneta is pretty much the only one Fox can’t outright replace. His work as Homer could be duplicated, but it wouldn’t feel the same no matter how good the mimicry is. If he goes, The Simpsons is likely to go with him.

Looking at the ages of the remaining Simpsons Six, Kavner might be the next to go, given her age (64) and Shearer's age at the time of his firing (71). Castellaneta and Cartwright are both 57, while Azaria and Smith are both in their early 50s. But who knows—given Shearer’s firing and how the show’s run might stretch into an actual third decade, the other main cast members might already be weighing their options.

ID: dfdd6  No.472


Someone was speculating Shearer's age may have been the point of contention–he was pushing hard on 'back-end and merchandising', which TMZ and some others were interpreting to maybe mean he wasn't happy with how things would be handled after he died.

ID: 76677  No.473



Rick & Morty: so good, it can even make Zombie Simpsons bearable.

ID: 07b62  No.474


I exhaled firmly a few times while grinning.

Ah, Zombie Simpsons, good for one almost-laugh a season.

ID: eca35  No.475

That was pretty well done.

As far as Shearer goes..They can replace him. There are VAs out there that can do the voices. They won't be quite the same but passable. It's not like Warner Bros was never able to replace Mel Blanc in at least a working fashion. It will be the same with the Simpsons. This show lives as long as Groening wants it to.

ID: dfdd6  No.478


And as someone pointed out to me, if they can't find one guy who can do 20 voices, they can find 20 guys who can one each. And probably work a lot cheaper.

ID: 26c35  No.479

4 guys that can do 5 is more likely.

ID: dfdd6  No.608

via Hollywood Reporter:

Shearer will not leave the show after signing a two year contract to stay on. This keeps the original cast together until Season 28.

No idea why he changed his mind, though 'fucking lots of money' is a popular thought.

ID: eca35  No.609

Fucking lots of money is the reason.

ID: d2901  No.610

Thaaaat's right, sew that rotted limb back on so you can keep limping around feeding off the living.

ID: eca35  No.611

FXX played a string of Simpsons episodes from the early 90s the other night. It was fun to laugh while this show. Then they creeped back up to the 2000s and I had to change it. haha

ID: 7d3d4  No.614

I'm also preparing, now that I think about it, for some of the laziest work from Shearer in the entire history of the franchise. He knows he's got them by the shorthairs so there's no need to put effort out.

It'll be a total Robert Beltran situation (he made ridiculous demands to Paramount and acted progressively worse and worse, and they refused to let him go.)

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