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File: 1438908801554.jpg (367.16 KB, 1930x1041, Marvel-Logo-Hd-2.jpg)

ID: 1b99c  No.655[View All]

(Strangely enough I couldn't find the previous one on here, so if it's still on this board just move this post there.)

So the new Fant4stic Four reboot is coming out this weekend, and it's getting ripped to shreds by critics. Admittedly this should be no surprise considering all the negative buzz during production and the sheer fact the only reason this film exists is so Fox can keep the rights for FF and not lose it back to Marvel.

But even with that said, it seems this film is "worse" then what most were expecting! As in, Green Lantern, Catwoman and Elecktra are better then this worse.

On the quality flipside, there's Deadpool. Which honestly looks really damn good and the Deadpool we were all waiting for. Ironically this too is being distributed by Fox, but a major key difference is everyone involved in that project actually gives a damn about making this a good movie.
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ID: c02d8  No.884

File: 1458182887566.jpg (23.55 KB, 640x430, spaceghost_0.jpg)

mfw It's looking more and more like Tony Stark is gonna be Spider-Man's mentor.

ID: 1905f  No.885

He was in the Civil War. Remember the Iron Spider Suit?

ID: 8401f  No.886


Which was, I think, editorial fiat by Quesada to try and reinforce Spider-Man's youth.

By the time Tony became Peter's mentor, Peter had spent most of his runtime as a fully functional adult and had never really needed a mentor. While adults can have mentors, I just don't think it was a coincidence that he was pushed into that sort of relationship shortly after Joe "Marriage and moving out of his mommy's house means he'll GROW OLD AND DIE" Quesadilla did One More Day.

I kind of feel that sticking him with a mentor like he's a sidekick misses a lot of the point of Spider-Man… meaning, that he was always Spider-Man, even when he was a teenager. The whole point of the name was that no self-respecting teenager was going to call himself "-Boy", because if they were doing stuff like swinging around the city stopping crime, they'd feel they were already an adult.

ID: c02d8  No.887

Tony wasn't in a mentoring position in Civil War. Peter felt registration was likely the right thing to do and Tony encouraged that. Tony gave everyone on "Team Stark" gadgets and enhancements. Of course Peter ditched the suit not only when he switched philosophical sides, but when he realized Tony was gathering data on him through the suit(including discovering his spider sense).

In this movie, Peter is brand new to the crime fighting scene. He's been Spider-Man for a while, but he's still in high school. It's not Peter is in college trying to get by yet.

Also, Peter was always a huge admirer of Captain America and considered him the pinnacle of what a super hero really was, something that was expressed in Civil War even when he was on Tony's side.

MCU version makes me worry they're gonna drop that part of his character and just have him be Tony's sidekick, which would be awful.

All in all though Spider-Man never really had a mentor. He was a self-trained superhero.

Yeah, Civil War did a lot of out of character things for many involved.

ID: 8401f  No.888

>MCU version makes me worry they're gonna drop that part of his character and just have him be Tony's sidekick, which would be awful.

Let's not start fretting yet since we know almost nothing about how he actually fits into the movie so far.

I kinda went through this with one of my friends where he was constantly doom'n'glooming about how this movie was CLEARLY going to be the first flat-out-sucks MCU movie because they just couldn't translate the Civil War plotline into a movie properly. I kept telling him "It could be over any number of things, just wait" but he never stopped moping about it until the first trailer came out.

ID: 1905f  No.889

Is it weird that I'm still pissed off about One More Day?

I feel like I should be over it by now, but also want to punch Joe Quesada in his fat stupid face every time I think about it. Like, if I ever met him, I would punch him and say "That was for One More Day".

ID: 8401f  No.890



More than the violation of the character and the sheer stupidity of the story itself, it's the clearest example of the editorial position abuse that has plagued Marvel and DC for over a decade.

ID: c02d8  No.891

I'll have all my answers in a couple months.

ID: c02d8  No.923

So catching up on AoS and goddamn I hate Fitz and Simmons. When are these two not in trouble and why do they keep getting deployed in the field?

ID: 00078  No.926

Daisy, why are you so fucking retarded? What, exactly, have you done to convince people that inhumans AREN'T violent sociopathic monsters?

And take off that leather jacket, you don't look cool, you look like an asshole.

ID: c02d8  No.927

They're just running into the same problem that you have with the X-Men argument. Sexuality and Race don't have the real impact of something like being able to paralyze someone with your gaze or melt metal with your mind or burn holes in peoples chests.

The mutant-gene and inhumanism provide very real threats to communities. You are beholden to the power wielder being a moral individual in control of their abilities.

Of course the only way to make X-Men/Inhumans have any real argument is to make their opposition so extreme you can't do anything but support them. Without that X-Men/Inhumans just come off like assholes.

ID: 8401f  No.928


It's easier when every power comes with some sort of drawback, like a physical deformity or the power itself being detrimental in some way. It helps establish the character as also suffering from their abilities and engenders compassion towards them. Their lives aren't outright better and are in some ways obviously worse, so treating them like pariahs when they're otherwise doing nothing wrong is a pretty crap thing to do.

It's also why in the movies Storm is a complete fucking shithead for snapping at Rogue that there's no cure for being a mutant because there's nothing wrong with them, and why Daisy's currently coming off so bitchy. They won the superpower lottery and are now acting like everyone's oppressing them for no good reason.

At least in Daisy's case I think it's deliberately meant to come off as her going too extreme in her newfound identity and needing to learn some balance and perspective. The Storm thing was just fucking dumb.

ID: e0c59  No.929

That…actually bugs me
Many Mutants have the ability to "turn off" their powers which makes them no different from regular humans. Then we have those that cant, or have to do something to keep their powers in check.

ID: 1905f  No.930

I also think it's because she doesn't think about the implications. When the awakening seemed unstopable, she was all about getting on top of things. But when the idea of "Hey, maybe we can prevent ten-year-old girls from getting dangerous mind-control powers" She's like "What! You want to 'Cure' us? Take away our birthright‽"

It's like "Chill, Magneto"

ID: 8401f  No.934


Well again I don't think they're necessarily portraying her as in the right here. It wouldn't be the first time. Remember for part of the first season she was all "INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE FREE!" and shit, but then she understood just what a bad idea a lot of that was and how it was abused and she came around.

I think one of her main character traits is that she gets swept up in feeling rather than thinking and it takes awhile for logic to settle in for her. Which is actually good writing, a character who's always right and never gets bogged down in their own issues isn't very interesting.

ID: 1905f  No.935

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad writing. I kind of wish someone would take her aside, maybe the electric boy-toy or Mae, and explain that to her.

Or at least ask what the hell she's wearing. They're agents, not…I don't know, Biker Ballerinas?

ID: 023e7  No.936

>Electric boy-toy

I've got it! Their superhero names: Hitachi and Violet Wand. The dynamic duo.

ID: 8401f  No.937


Agents of SHIELD, as written by Adam Warren.

ID: 1905f  No.938

I…wouldn't mind that actually

ID: 8401f  No.940

File: 1459815292468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.01 KB, 1600x900, thesecret.jpg)

The secret ingredient is… NUCLEAR WAR!

ID: c02d8  No.941

Neither would I.

ID: 31eb1  No.946

File: 1460219609505.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1651x893, hive-shield.png)

Commander Shephard: I'd hit that

ID: b476c  No.949

You really have to appreciate the range of Brett Dalton. The guy has tallent.

Anyone else think that the hydra head and his daughter had a "thing" going on?

ID: 8401f  No.950


I think they were just trying to show a very close familial father/child bond, but oversold it. Which is what happens when you try to establish that sort of characterization in like twenty minutes of screentime.

ID: 1905f  No.951

Not that it really matters much at this point anyway

ID: 1905f  No.958

Yeah…totally saw the twist of this weeks episode coming. It had to be.

ID: 8401f  No.964

File: 1461285795921.jpg (103.98 KB, 310x374, tumblr_o4ut16SnQw1s21xzoo1….jpg)

>Play up the "Secret Warriors" reveal like it's some big huge thing
>It consists of reactivating one guy who already used to be a SHIELD agent and activating one potential

ID: 1905f  No.965

Yeah…that was really underwhelming. Tune in for THE SECRET WARRIORS! Consisting of: These two assholes.

At least now we have evil cultist skye

ID: 8401f  No.966


Honestly I was really kind of annoyed at that development. It being mind control actually makes Hive far less cool. If he was able to win these people over with sheer force of personality or just being that much of a manipulator or even if they just sensed some kind of Inhuman greatness in him, that would have been great. Sticking some spores in their brain is so fucking cheap. Also "Hive" is the worst supervillain name, sounds like he belongs over in DC ordering Mammoth and Gizmo around. They should have called him The Hydra.

ID: 1905f  No.967

File: 1461342895813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.16 KB, 270x293, The_Hive_(Earth-616)_002.jpg)

The Hive is a dumb name, but he actually IS an established marvel villain, if an obscure and powered up for the tv show: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Hive_%28Earth-616%29

As for the mind control, you know they need a way out of it so main characters who get controlled to come back. Although I do like the way the brainwashing is portrayed, unlike Struker's brainwashing where it just turned them into loyal slaves, this one seems to keep their personality intact and just makes them love him. Aside from the speed and method, the results are actually closer to real life brainwashing.

ID: 8401f  No.975

Have the dude come up with all the fire-based codenames he wants, we all know he's Gambit.

ID: 3d31a  No.978

Yay! We killed Hydra!

…until the next movie comes out, anyway

ID: c02d8  No.982

No wonder the Russo brothers got Infinity War. Another homerun with Civil War. Shit I liked this take way more than the comic one.

They also school Snyder on how to do a "versus" cape movie without it getting ridiculous.

New Spider-Man reminds me of Toby Maguire, but he's more believable as an awkward teenager. I enjoyed his part in it.

ID: 6c359  No.983

"better than one of the worst storylines in marvel comic's history" is a low fucking bar.

ID: c02d8  No.985

The comic started out well enough and went off the reservation half-way through. The initial concept was pretty neat and the movie does it well.

ID: 1b99c  No.987

Saw Civil War last night, the Russo Brothers showed that the Winter Soldier was no fluke and they know how to handle this.

Unlike BvS, this felt like a honest to god versus film. You could understand where both sides were coming from, and I personally felt like it concluded well. (Thankfully there's no "MARTHA?!" moment here.)

The action scenes were a lot of fun, and the film does a really good job of handling all the heroes. BvS had trouble juggling three, meanwhile Civil War is doing a Cirque Du Soleil act with 12.

As for the new heroes to the mix, Black Panther is awesome and Tom Holland is the first actor who feels believable as Spiderman AND Peter Parker. (It helps that he's an' actual teenager.) Plain and simple, I'm looking forward to both Spiderman: Homecoming and the 2018 Black Panther films.

An' with the Russo Brothers at the helm of Infinity Wars, that's gonna' be a big challenge, but it's in capable hands.

ID: 1905f  No.988

The exact "Holy fuck this is awful" moment comes at a different place for everyone for me it was either when Spiderman went "Hey, this is kind of like Japanese Interment, THESE must be the good guys!" or when Captain America got taken down by the Rescue Workers Diversity Brigade.

ID: 8401f  No.991

My prediction for who dies on Agents: Dude that melts stuff.

ID: 1905f  No.992

Yeah the way they keep hyping it up in the promos "WHO. WILL. DIE!?!" You know it can't be as dramatic as they're hyping it.

ID: 8401f  No.993


And I noticed that when they flashed up a roster of the characters, they included him… but on the lower left periphery.

ID: 8401f  No.994

They're now heavily implying that it will be Mac who dies in the next episode.

Of course the fact that they're telegraphing it so heavily could be a good indicator that it's not him, but I guess we'll see.

ID: a03b4  No.995

Deadline Hollywood reports that new Head of Entertainment head Channing Dungey is taking SHIELD to the 10PM slot (filling the extra hour with sitcoms Pearl and American Wife), so they can "use the new time to be darker and edgier, to take more risks".

Those are very bad words to hear from an American TV exec. It usually means "we're going to sacrifice quality and sell the show through sex, violence, and naughty words".

ID: 8401f  No.996

File: 1463532827375.gif (1.93 MB, 540x540, tumblr_nw3b9lwaIa1qdszopo1….gif)

ID: 8401f  No.997

I will say, that last scene in the Quinjet was probably one of the best ones that the series has done.

Also looks like next season's kickoff plotline is a take on Jocasta.

ID: c02d8  No.998

Eh, more of a code for "we're going to put it at a later time slot to set it up for failure so we have an excuse to cancel it."

ID: 8401f  No.999


Yeah, who cares if it's successful and audiences love it? It's expensive to make.

Apparently you don't have to be retarded to be a TV executive but it sure does help.

ID: 1905f  No.1001

It's not even "Firefly" expensive. It's like…"Buffy" expensive.

ID: a03b4  No.1002


Dungey comes from formula serial dramas (she's responsible for Scandal, Criminal Minds, How to Get Away with Murder, Quantico, and Army Wives), but said she feels ABC needs to reposition themselves as a comedy network and wants to bring in more of them.

I imagine her plan is to keep the shows around that are her style and neuter the ones that aren't, freeing time slots and budget up for sitcoms.

ID: a03b4  No.1004

And now, word is Agent Carter failed to make viewer expectations and will be replaced with a sitcom about Jenna Elfman and her uncontrollable imaginary friend.

Not kidding, they've basically made a series version of Drop Dead Fred.

ID: c02d8  No.1010

>are her style
It is pretty shitty how personal executives can get with their decisions. At least if ratings were a problem at their current time slot, it'd be understandable but it's been pretty steady overall.

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