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File: 1438908801554.jpg (367.16 KB, 1930x1041, Marvel-Logo-Hd-2.jpg)

ID: 1b99c  No.655[Last 50 Posts]

(Strangely enough I couldn't find the previous one on here, so if it's still on this board just move this post there.)

So the new Fant4stic Four reboot is coming out this weekend, and it's getting ripped to shreds by critics. Admittedly this should be no surprise considering all the negative buzz during production and the sheer fact the only reason this film exists is so Fox can keep the rights for FF and not lose it back to Marvel.

But even with that said, it seems this film is "worse" then what most were expecting! As in, Green Lantern, Catwoman and Elecktra are better then this worse.

On the quality flipside, there's Deadpool. Which honestly looks really damn good and the Deadpool we were all waiting for. Ironically this too is being distributed by Fox, but a major key difference is everyone involved in that project actually gives a damn about making this a good movie.

ID: c02d8  No.656

The X-Men are in a good place with Fox and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The Fantastic Four are a pretty awful set of movies though.

ID: 751bb  No.657

"Fant4stic" always looked like shit, from the very start. In fact it looks so bad that it's hard to see it another way than "Let's make this as crap as possible so they'll try and buy the rights back from us".

Looking forward to Deadpool. Wondering if Colossus will be the only X-Man to turn up. I'd guess Wolverine will be there for a post-credits cameo, but it'd be a shame if that's all he ever did. I'd rather have him in the movie or wait entirely 'til the sequel.

ID: c02d8  No.658

I think there's a couple mutants there with Colossus, but he's the most easily recognizable one.

ID: 0d7c7  No.662

Fant4stic was not good. It's like they made most of the movie and then suddenly realized there needs to be a conflict and threw in Doom in the last 15-20 minutes with no real explanation.

Honestly Marvel movie IPs need to just go back to Marvel at this point, with the only possible exception being Deadpool, because Disney would never make an R-rated movie.

ID: 1905f  No.684

So, new season of Shield just started, any thoughts?

Kind of hoping that Simmons is saved by a talking raccoon and a potted plant

ID: c02d8  No.685

Lash is pretty awesome. Not an amazing costume, but it's TV. Can only expect so much.

I dig Daisy's costume.

What Fitz found out about the monolith could relate to the Canaan pantheon. The scroll he found with the lettering could also translate to "Motn" which is a god with an insatiable appetite.

ID: 8401f  No.686


I'm with Coulson, "Daisy" is hard to get used to.

And no way Simmons gets saved by a main character. Agents is only allowed supporting characters from the movies, clearly.

ID: 1905f  No.687

Budgets I guess. Just hoping for a Guardians Tie-in.

I know it will never happen, but wouldn't it be just the right mix of Awful and Amazing if she was saved by Howard the Duck

ID: c02d8  No.688

I'd rather just call her Quake, personally.

Oh boy. I could see it actually. lmao

ID: 27471  No.689


Howard shows up in a black leather jacket and black shades: "Come with me if you want to live."

ID: 1905f  No.690

After an amazing adventure in space, they end up back on earth. Howard becomes the official SHIELD bartender

ID: afe28  No.692

Nice to see a third series of Agents. The were showing season two a few months back and stopped with six episodes to go. Least there is something worth waiting for now.

ID: 6e41c  No.693

And then Simmons and Howard have a flirty friendship that Fitz gets super jealous of. He keeps trying to find reasons to hate him but the rest of the base just finds him charming and friendly

ID: c02d8  No.694

Fitz was able to rescue Simmons. Simmons clearly dealt with something while she was there.

ID: 8401f  No.695


I was honestly shocked it was really her, I expected a lot more buildup and a few false flags from that storyline.

ID: 0d580  No.696

Anyone else hoping for Black Bolt this season?

I mean, they have Lash already, why not the King of the Inhumans?

ID: 3bf90  No.697


BlackBolst's a tad OP, they'd have to retool him so he was basically a knockoff of Banshee.

ID: 3bf90  No.698



I'm tired.

ID: 1905f  No.699

I don't know. They could just have him restrained like in the comics.

The entire time he communicates with hand signs, not have him fight at all. I could imagine an interrogation scene where they try to get information out of him, but he just won't speak. Then his allies show up and he whispers his first word "bye" Walls explode and he just walks out of the facility.

Speaking of Villains. I kind of want Red Skull to smack the shit out of Ward. "I am ze true head of Hydra."

ID: 3bf90  No.700


Enh. Scenes like that are typically better in concept than in execution, especially in live action.

Besides, the whole "Ha he's gonna say one simple word and wreck shit!" schtick with Blackbolt has, in my opinion, gotten really, really, really old. I very much don't want Agents propagating it.

ID: 1905f  No.705

I actually liked the latest episode.

Fitz and Simmons will NEVER hook up. It's a universal law

What the astronaut said about the planet itself being Evil…what if it's Ego?

ID: 8401f  No.706

File: 1446523837153.jpg (133.9 KB, 765x510, agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-purp….jpg)

I'm kinda behind, catching up as stuff becomes available On Demand.

I'd actually forgotten that Skye Daisy started the show as li'l miss superhacker, she's been a front line agent for so long.

Also someone is being suuuuuper petulant that daddy is flirting with a girl and is trying very hard to make sure she doesn't get a new mommy.

ID: c02d8  No.707

I'm a bit behind myself but wondering where they intend to take this show.

ID: 37487  No.708

The way I see it, there are 3 plots.

Forbidden Planet maybe Ego, but he's too obscure even for this show
Ward's new hydra
Lash killing inhumans.

I really hope they converge together somehow, but I don't see how they would at this point.

ID: 1905f  No.709

Well…huh. That twist came out of nowhere.

ID: 1905f  No.710

GOD DAMN IT! Another one? JESUS!

Let them DIE already.

ID: 8401f  No.712

File: 1447376692218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1080x1080, bestbeard.jpg)

I'm still catching up via On Demand, so just got to the episode showing what happened to Jemma on the Forbidden Planet.

Jemma goes to strange planet.
Meets handsome, charming astronaut who looks good with a beard, named Will.
Eventually starts relationship with him.
Goes back to save him.
Marries him to completely subvert audience's expectations of Fitzsimmons being a given.
They're used to long nights and slightly desolate conditions, so move to Alaska.
Have many handsome, bearded babies.
Jemma is direct ancestor of Commander William Riker.

ID: c02d8  No.713

It's like poetry.

ID: c13af  No.714

Any thoughts on The Planet being Ego?

ID: b1fb9  No.715


Not being very up on that character (mostly seen them used in joke appearances), I couldn't really say. I kind of doubt it though, since from what I understand that character isn't so blatantly… malevolent, and while the MCU is a bit on the more realistic/cynical side than 616 is (or at least used to be), it's not full-on 2edgy4u like Ultimate universe tends to be.

If you want something more solid proof, as I understand it Ego tends to move on his own power through the universe, while Jemma proved that the planet they're on does in fact orbit a sun in a regular and predictable pattern. So if it's Ego, they've changed so much about him that it's sort of irrelevant as the only thing the two characters will share is a name and a… mass.

ID: 1905f  No.716

Well It's an sentient malevolent entity representing a planet that can shift its surface to torment the people on its surface, maintains a consistent atmosphere and temperature due to geothermal processes, and can manipulate people's minds. That's what gave me the thought. I wouldn't expect it to grow a face and start talking, but it was a thought.

Let me know what you think when you get to Lash's deal.

ID: 8401f  No.717


Will do. I currently think it might be May's ex.

ID: 1905f  No.718

What makes you think that?

ID: 8401f  No.719


Several things, among them the little blurb describing episode seven combined with >>709

ID: 1905f  No.734

Okay, so this got a little odd fast. At least everything ties together in some way.

I find myself waffling on Ward. Part of me sees him as a good villain, the other half he's kind of annoying. I'm still on the fence.

ID: c02d8  No.735

I think Ward gets the best action sequences overall and I do like how ruthless he is. As much as I want him to get eliminated, I know I will miss him as a bad guy. He's just so competent and the show has lacked memorable baddies, to be honest.

ID: e8ade  No.736


One of the things I like about Ward is that he's like… 90% a villain of the SHIELD team's own creation, mostly unintentionally. They took completely understandable actions that were still always the exact wrong thing to do with regards to him.

He was raised and indoctrinated as a bad guy, and did a lot of bad shit… but if the team had found it in them to forgive him, he probably really would have turned it around and become a real hero. But nope. No forgiveness, so he turns on them.

Coulson decides either he doesn't believe Ward about his brother or he just doesn't care, and trades Ward to said brother. Not only does this convince Ward that Coulson is a heartless bastard that he shouldn't bother trying to seek forgiveness from, it puts him right on the path to revenge on his whole family.

Oh, he still has some affection for Skye left among everything? Well, let's have her go ahead and put a few bullets in him… and then apparently not finish him off because she'd rather he suffered. Good bit of Vader-creating there, Obi-Wan Skynobi.

If they'd never come to him for help, he'd probably have just continued doing his little Punisher-but-with-collateral-damage schtick. But nope, they offered him the chance to get right in the thick of them and then bungled it up even further, reinforcing his feeling that what he was doing was right.

And, though the SHIELD team couldn't have known this, he was getting ready to just walk away with his faceshifting girlfriend when May arranged it so that he'd shoot her instead. Boom, fucking resurrecting HYDRA.

Ward is like the law of unintended consequences personified.

ID: 1905f  No.737

You know what Ward reminds me of now? It just clicked for me, with his manerisms and behavior. He reminds me of Angel when he went evil in the second or third season of Buffy after sleeping with her.

Just him plus a sprinkling of revenge motivation.

ID: 1905f  No.742

Just watched the first episode of Jessica Jones on Netflix. It's promising. David Tennant plays a mind-controlling rapist, so that's something. Also she fucks Luke Cage and we haven't heard his name yet.

The show kind of alternates between viceral and comedic in a whiplash sort of way. It's interesting, in a way that I like.

ID: e8ade  No.747


I'm going to at least give it a chance because it's got David Tennant in it, which is probably why it's got David Tennant in it.

ID: 1905f  No.748

Just finished the second episode and they're doing a good job of building tension for him. I'm like, terrified of this c-list marvel villain.

That said, I'm not sure if I like him as a villain compared to the Kingpin. I had my complaints about him but they at least made it seem like he THOUGHT he was doing the right thing. Kilgrave seems like they're going with selfish sociopathic monster. Which is okay, just different.

ID: c02d8  No.749

File: 1448453277443.gif (1.85 MB, 550x229, tumblr_nycvd7N2VF1qzyoxwo5….gif)

ID: 01996  No.750


"One more drink!"


"One more drink!"


ID: 1905f  No.751

Cap and Bucky O'hare?

ID: c02d8  No.752


They really never did enough with his alcoholism.

ID: 8401f  No.753


'Cause he's not an alcoholic in the MCU.

Just too difficult an issue to deal with. They had plenty of buildup time in the comics, but any time you try to mess around with that in the movies you're taking time away from the real plot and action.

Thus he drinks in the MCU, but he's been drunk a grand total of once, and was probably exaggerating even then.

ID: c02d8  No.754

Point taken.

ID: ca7c3  No.755

The once he was drunk it was heavily implied that the poisoning from his arc reactor was lowering his tolerance/inebriating him on its own, so it amped up his being trashed.

ID: 8401f  No.758


The other theory, which I ascribe to, is that he was deliberately playing it up to get Rhodey to take the other suit.

ID: c02d8  No.760

I haven't heard this theory.

ID: 8401f  No.761


Yup, basically Tony knew he was dying and knew the world would still need Iron Man. Indications are he always wanted Rhodey to wear the suit in the first place, but he knew that by now if he just went to Rhodes and said "Look, here, you need to start being Iron Man, here's a suit", Rhodes would get super duper suspicious and probably refuse.

But if Tony acts like a drunken idiot and makes Rhodes feel like he has to take the suit and be Iron Man, and "proves" it by kicking Tony's drunken ass, well.

ID: c02d8  No.766

This is an interesting theory actually.

ID: af022  No.767

I got this feeling when I saw the second movie as well. Stark put Pepper in charge of just about everything, gave away stuff and let Rhodey take the suit as it was revealed when Stark was talking to Fury that the suits security overrides could've been employed to stop Jim walking off with the suit. Tony just wasn't the type to tell people he was dying in that.

ID: 8401f  No.769

Well, episode six finally hit On Demand, and as expected, I was right.

It all added up. The dude saying Lash was trying to "help" Inhumans by putting them out of their misery. Andrew never approving any of them for field work, and telling May something happened and he suddenly had to go. Lash always going after Inhumans five minutes before or after SHIELD was making contact with them. And I knew Andrew'd survive the attempted hit, but how would he survive? Well…

ID: c13af  No.771

I swear to god, this mid-season break better not just end on a Civil War cliffhanger.

ID: 06fea  No.772

>Very end of pre-break episode
>Phil hangs up phone, looks gravely at other agents
>"It looks like… there's going to be a war."
>End episode
>Show comes back from break
>"Boy, heroes sure do make a mess when they fight!"

ID: 1905f  No.773

That's what they did for Ultron pretty much.

But with how this one is shaping up, that specifically won't happen, but…you'll find out what I mean soon enough.

ID: 06fea  No.774


And Thor 2! That one had them literally cleaning up after the fight.

ID: 1905f  No.775

Well there wasn't a really build up for it though. Like the previous episode wasn't as "GO SEE THE MOVIE TO FIND OUT WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT" like with Ultron or Winter Soldier

ID: 1905f  No.779

Yeah, And he a dumb motherfucker about the latter (If my guess is right, anyway). The former, he's still dumb, but in a more "Let me dig this hole a little bit deeper" sort of way.

ID: 8401f  No.780


… I posted in the wrong thread. Derp.

ID: 9654a  No.781

It happens. So you just finished the episode where they catch lash?

How 'bout that twist at the end?

ID: 06fea  No.782


I'm actually almost current. I'm thinking Will is gonna save rocknoggined Coulson.

ID: 1905f  No.783

Honstly? I think Ward was taken for a ride. I feel like he just fell for being the next snack-rifice for the Hydra inhuman. Either that or it will end up possessing him

ID: 06fea  No.784


Nah, I think the old dude is a true blue Hydra devotee and he really wants to bring that thing back, even if the first thing it does is suck out his soul.

ID: 1905f  No.785

Agreed, but I also get the feeling that he's also doing his best to reel in Ward, and maybe telling him what he wants to hear more than the truth of his intentions

ID: 8401f  No.786

ALWAYS the exact wrong thing.

ID: 9c1fc  No.793

Looks like Zombie Ward will be next season's villain. And the thing seems have all the memories of the corpse it takes over, so that will be interesting

ID: 8401f  No.794


Quite possibly it has access to the memories and personalities of everyone it's inhabited. Which means that it'll remember being Will and everything he and Jemma did as well as Ward.

ID: 86355  No.812

So in the teaser for Agent Carter they show an image of an almost human being frozen in ice. Holding out hope for Namor the Submariner, but with them on the west cost I'm not sure about how likely it would be.

ID: a03b4  No.813

Two new Deadpool trailers out today.

Official: https://t.co/HJ6WEHzj09

Official Redband/NSFW: https://t.co/T7Eth2VBB5

Also Rob Liefeld cameo confirmed.

ID: 8401f  No.814

File: 1451092748435.jpg (404.35 KB, 1280x720, GyakutenMajoSaibanChijonaM….jpg)


These are the best Christmas presents.

ID: 963ec  No.820

ID: 1905f  No.821

God, he looks like he had pubes glued on to his nonexistant chin.

ID: 1905f  No.822


I can't believe I missed this one

ID: 3020c  No.824

>not going for the cooler black outfit he's more recently been wearing

Well, that's a little disappointing.

ID: 1905f  No.848

File: 1452898789013.jpg (40.72 KB, 650x247, Deadpool-Banner-e145254088….jpg)

ID: a03b4  No.876

Captain America: Civil War trailer #2 hit.

With Spider-Man in. I cannot stop laughing at "Underoos!"


ID: 1905f  No.877

THAT is a really good looking spider-suit

ID: 8401f  No.878

I'm getting a little worried at how much of the movie they're actually showing, even though I'm enjoying seeing it.

ID: c02d8  No.879

We may get our first LMD.

ID: 8b04a  No.880

New season of shield is off to a mixed start.

Zombie Ward: pretty creepy, intriguing. Good job on the makeup

Hydra Inhuman Retrival system: silly and rediculous

I love the idea of independant heroes, gives an opurtunity to introduce some b&c-listers before Civil War. I hope we don't end up with them ALL being inhuman though

ID: 8401f  No.881


Inhuman-ism is clearly how they intend the majority of people to get their powers in this setting… cuts down on 'random atomic rays' origin stories and an overabundance of 'genetic engineering' explanations, the former of which is now regarded as silly and the latter of which has gotten kind of played out.

ID: 1905f  No.882

Well, it would be nice if we did have some more Techs/Accidents/Experiments like we did in the first season, but on the hero side instead of villains

I don't know if they'll have costumed vigilantes, but I really hope so

ID: c02d8  No.884

File: 1458182887566.jpg (23.55 KB, 640x430, spaceghost_0.jpg)

mfw It's looking more and more like Tony Stark is gonna be Spider-Man's mentor.

ID: 1905f  No.885

He was in the Civil War. Remember the Iron Spider Suit?

ID: 8401f  No.886


Which was, I think, editorial fiat by Quesada to try and reinforce Spider-Man's youth.

By the time Tony became Peter's mentor, Peter had spent most of his runtime as a fully functional adult and had never really needed a mentor. While adults can have mentors, I just don't think it was a coincidence that he was pushed into that sort of relationship shortly after Joe "Marriage and moving out of his mommy's house means he'll GROW OLD AND DIE" Quesadilla did One More Day.

I kind of feel that sticking him with a mentor like he's a sidekick misses a lot of the point of Spider-Man… meaning, that he was always Spider-Man, even when he was a teenager. The whole point of the name was that no self-respecting teenager was going to call himself "-Boy", because if they were doing stuff like swinging around the city stopping crime, they'd feel they were already an adult.

ID: c02d8  No.887

Tony wasn't in a mentoring position in Civil War. Peter felt registration was likely the right thing to do and Tony encouraged that. Tony gave everyone on "Team Stark" gadgets and enhancements. Of course Peter ditched the suit not only when he switched philosophical sides, but when he realized Tony was gathering data on him through the suit(including discovering his spider sense).

In this movie, Peter is brand new to the crime fighting scene. He's been Spider-Man for a while, but he's still in high school. It's not Peter is in college trying to get by yet.

Also, Peter was always a huge admirer of Captain America and considered him the pinnacle of what a super hero really was, something that was expressed in Civil War even when he was on Tony's side.

MCU version makes me worry they're gonna drop that part of his character and just have him be Tony's sidekick, which would be awful.

All in all though Spider-Man never really had a mentor. He was a self-trained superhero.

Yeah, Civil War did a lot of out of character things for many involved.

ID: 8401f  No.888

>MCU version makes me worry they're gonna drop that part of his character and just have him be Tony's sidekick, which would be awful.

Let's not start fretting yet since we know almost nothing about how he actually fits into the movie so far.

I kinda went through this with one of my friends where he was constantly doom'n'glooming about how this movie was CLEARLY going to be the first flat-out-sucks MCU movie because they just couldn't translate the Civil War plotline into a movie properly. I kept telling him "It could be over any number of things, just wait" but he never stopped moping about it until the first trailer came out.

ID: 1905f  No.889

Is it weird that I'm still pissed off about One More Day?

I feel like I should be over it by now, but also want to punch Joe Quesada in his fat stupid face every time I think about it. Like, if I ever met him, I would punch him and say "That was for One More Day".

ID: 8401f  No.890



More than the violation of the character and the sheer stupidity of the story itself, it's the clearest example of the editorial position abuse that has plagued Marvel and DC for over a decade.

ID: c02d8  No.891

I'll have all my answers in a couple months.

ID: c02d8  No.923

So catching up on AoS and goddamn I hate Fitz and Simmons. When are these two not in trouble and why do they keep getting deployed in the field?

ID: 00078  No.926

Daisy, why are you so fucking retarded? What, exactly, have you done to convince people that inhumans AREN'T violent sociopathic monsters?

And take off that leather jacket, you don't look cool, you look like an asshole.

ID: c02d8  No.927

They're just running into the same problem that you have with the X-Men argument. Sexuality and Race don't have the real impact of something like being able to paralyze someone with your gaze or melt metal with your mind or burn holes in peoples chests.

The mutant-gene and inhumanism provide very real threats to communities. You are beholden to the power wielder being a moral individual in control of their abilities.

Of course the only way to make X-Men/Inhumans have any real argument is to make their opposition so extreme you can't do anything but support them. Without that X-Men/Inhumans just come off like assholes.

ID: 8401f  No.928


It's easier when every power comes with some sort of drawback, like a physical deformity or the power itself being detrimental in some way. It helps establish the character as also suffering from their abilities and engenders compassion towards them. Their lives aren't outright better and are in some ways obviously worse, so treating them like pariahs when they're otherwise doing nothing wrong is a pretty crap thing to do.

It's also why in the movies Storm is a complete fucking shithead for snapping at Rogue that there's no cure for being a mutant because there's nothing wrong with them, and why Daisy's currently coming off so bitchy. They won the superpower lottery and are now acting like everyone's oppressing them for no good reason.

At least in Daisy's case I think it's deliberately meant to come off as her going too extreme in her newfound identity and needing to learn some balance and perspective. The Storm thing was just fucking dumb.

ID: e0c59  No.929

That…actually bugs me
Many Mutants have the ability to "turn off" their powers which makes them no different from regular humans. Then we have those that cant, or have to do something to keep their powers in check.

ID: 1905f  No.930

I also think it's because she doesn't think about the implications. When the awakening seemed unstopable, she was all about getting on top of things. But when the idea of "Hey, maybe we can prevent ten-year-old girls from getting dangerous mind-control powers" She's like "What! You want to 'Cure' us? Take away our birthright‽"

It's like "Chill, Magneto"

ID: 8401f  No.934


Well again I don't think they're necessarily portraying her as in the right here. It wouldn't be the first time. Remember for part of the first season she was all "INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE FREE!" and shit, but then she understood just what a bad idea a lot of that was and how it was abused and she came around.

I think one of her main character traits is that she gets swept up in feeling rather than thinking and it takes awhile for logic to settle in for her. Which is actually good writing, a character who's always right and never gets bogged down in their own issues isn't very interesting.

ID: 1905f  No.935

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad writing. I kind of wish someone would take her aside, maybe the electric boy-toy or Mae, and explain that to her.

Or at least ask what the hell she's wearing. They're agents, not…I don't know, Biker Ballerinas?

ID: 023e7  No.936

>Electric boy-toy

I've got it! Their superhero names: Hitachi and Violet Wand. The dynamic duo.

ID: 8401f  No.937


Agents of SHIELD, as written by Adam Warren.

ID: 1905f  No.938

I…wouldn't mind that actually

ID: 8401f  No.940

File: 1459815292468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.01 KB, 1600x900, thesecret.jpg)

The secret ingredient is… NUCLEAR WAR!

ID: c02d8  No.941

Neither would I.

ID: 31eb1  No.946

File: 1460219609505.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1651x893, hive-shield.png)

Commander Shephard: I'd hit that

ID: b476c  No.949

You really have to appreciate the range of Brett Dalton. The guy has tallent.

Anyone else think that the hydra head and his daughter had a "thing" going on?

ID: 8401f  No.950


I think they were just trying to show a very close familial father/child bond, but oversold it. Which is what happens when you try to establish that sort of characterization in like twenty minutes of screentime.

ID: 1905f  No.951

Not that it really matters much at this point anyway

ID: 1905f  No.958

Yeah…totally saw the twist of this weeks episode coming. It had to be.

ID: 8401f  No.964

File: 1461285795921.jpg (103.98 KB, 310x374, tumblr_o4ut16SnQw1s21xzoo1….jpg)

>Play up the "Secret Warriors" reveal like it's some big huge thing
>It consists of reactivating one guy who already used to be a SHIELD agent and activating one potential

ID: 1905f  No.965

Yeah…that was really underwhelming. Tune in for THE SECRET WARRIORS! Consisting of: These two assholes.

At least now we have evil cultist skye

ID: 8401f  No.966


Honestly I was really kind of annoyed at that development. It being mind control actually makes Hive far less cool. If he was able to win these people over with sheer force of personality or just being that much of a manipulator or even if they just sensed some kind of Inhuman greatness in him, that would have been great. Sticking some spores in their brain is so fucking cheap. Also "Hive" is the worst supervillain name, sounds like he belongs over in DC ordering Mammoth and Gizmo around. They should have called him The Hydra.

ID: 1905f  No.967

File: 1461342895813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.16 KB, 270x293, The_Hive_(Earth-616)_002.jpg)

The Hive is a dumb name, but he actually IS an established marvel villain, if an obscure and powered up for the tv show: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Hive_%28Earth-616%29

As for the mind control, you know they need a way out of it so main characters who get controlled to come back. Although I do like the way the brainwashing is portrayed, unlike Struker's brainwashing where it just turned them into loyal slaves, this one seems to keep their personality intact and just makes them love him. Aside from the speed and method, the results are actually closer to real life brainwashing.

ID: 8401f  No.975

Have the dude come up with all the fire-based codenames he wants, we all know he's Gambit.

ID: 3d31a  No.978

Yay! We killed Hydra!

…until the next movie comes out, anyway

ID: c02d8  No.982

No wonder the Russo brothers got Infinity War. Another homerun with Civil War. Shit I liked this take way more than the comic one.

They also school Snyder on how to do a "versus" cape movie without it getting ridiculous.

New Spider-Man reminds me of Toby Maguire, but he's more believable as an awkward teenager. I enjoyed his part in it.

ID: 6c359  No.983

"better than one of the worst storylines in marvel comic's history" is a low fucking bar.

ID: c02d8  No.985

The comic started out well enough and went off the reservation half-way through. The initial concept was pretty neat and the movie does it well.

ID: 1b99c  No.987

Saw Civil War last night, the Russo Brothers showed that the Winter Soldier was no fluke and they know how to handle this.

Unlike BvS, this felt like a honest to god versus film. You could understand where both sides were coming from, and I personally felt like it concluded well. (Thankfully there's no "MARTHA?!" moment here.)

The action scenes were a lot of fun, and the film does a really good job of handling all the heroes. BvS had trouble juggling three, meanwhile Civil War is doing a Cirque Du Soleil act with 12.

As for the new heroes to the mix, Black Panther is awesome and Tom Holland is the first actor who feels believable as Spiderman AND Peter Parker. (It helps that he's an' actual teenager.) Plain and simple, I'm looking forward to both Spiderman: Homecoming and the 2018 Black Panther films.

An' with the Russo Brothers at the helm of Infinity Wars, that's gonna' be a big challenge, but it's in capable hands.

ID: 1905f  No.988

The exact "Holy fuck this is awful" moment comes at a different place for everyone for me it was either when Spiderman went "Hey, this is kind of like Japanese Interment, THESE must be the good guys!" or when Captain America got taken down by the Rescue Workers Diversity Brigade.

ID: 8401f  No.991

My prediction for who dies on Agents: Dude that melts stuff.

ID: 1905f  No.992

Yeah the way they keep hyping it up in the promos "WHO. WILL. DIE!?!" You know it can't be as dramatic as they're hyping it.

ID: 8401f  No.993


And I noticed that when they flashed up a roster of the characters, they included him… but on the lower left periphery.

ID: 8401f  No.994

They're now heavily implying that it will be Mac who dies in the next episode.

Of course the fact that they're telegraphing it so heavily could be a good indicator that it's not him, but I guess we'll see.

ID: a03b4  No.995

Deadline Hollywood reports that new Head of Entertainment head Channing Dungey is taking SHIELD to the 10PM slot (filling the extra hour with sitcoms Pearl and American Wife), so they can "use the new time to be darker and edgier, to take more risks".

Those are very bad words to hear from an American TV exec. It usually means "we're going to sacrifice quality and sell the show through sex, violence, and naughty words".

ID: 8401f  No.996

File: 1463532827375.gif (1.93 MB, 540x540, tumblr_nw3b9lwaIa1qdszopo1….gif)

ID: 8401f  No.997

I will say, that last scene in the Quinjet was probably one of the best ones that the series has done.

Also looks like next season's kickoff plotline is a take on Jocasta.

ID: c02d8  No.998

Eh, more of a code for "we're going to put it at a later time slot to set it up for failure so we have an excuse to cancel it."

ID: 8401f  No.999


Yeah, who cares if it's successful and audiences love it? It's expensive to make.

Apparently you don't have to be retarded to be a TV executive but it sure does help.

ID: 1905f  No.1001

It's not even "Firefly" expensive. It's like…"Buffy" expensive.

ID: a03b4  No.1002


Dungey comes from formula serial dramas (she's responsible for Scandal, Criminal Minds, How to Get Away with Murder, Quantico, and Army Wives), but said she feels ABC needs to reposition themselves as a comedy network and wants to bring in more of them.

I imagine her plan is to keep the shows around that are her style and neuter the ones that aren't, freeing time slots and budget up for sitcoms.

ID: a03b4  No.1004

And now, word is Agent Carter failed to make viewer expectations and will be replaced with a sitcom about Jenna Elfman and her uncontrollable imaginary friend.

Not kidding, they've basically made a series version of Drop Dead Fred.

ID: c02d8  No.1010

>are her style
It is pretty shitty how personal executives can get with their decisions. At least if ratings were a problem at their current time slot, it'd be understandable but it's been pretty steady overall.

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