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File: 1418162991090.jpg (499.37 KB, 1200x675, mgid uma image mtv.com 976….jpg)

ID: 0214b  No.87

>Previous rap battle was, for no particular reason, in lego form
>One before that was a two-on-two that was kind of lame
>This one it's Ellen vs. Oprah
>Their Oprah is thinner and more attractive than the real thing ever was
>Raps are pretty tame, and they steer well clear of anything that could actually offend Oprah fans (cracks about her weight, about how her following's like a cult, about how she's endorsed what's basically scientology's sickly baby brother, how she's more narcissistic than Trump, etc.)
>Reaffirms that female versus female ERBs are basically the equivalent of Diva Matches

Man, this season started off so strong, too.

ID: 0214b  No.88

File: 1418163604337.png (165.46 KB, 720x216, YouTube_-_2014-12-09_16.18….png)

On a not-really-related note other than that it's youtube, I'm not even sure why I stay subscribed to Man at Arms.

The stuff he's been making has been getting less accurate or invented entirely and looking like something out of a sword shop at the mall, and… what the fuck, a Groot swing?

ID: 0214b  No.89


(Also I forgot entirely about the Hannibal vs. Jack the Ripper ERB, because it was entirely forgettable.)

ID: 1dc6c  No.90

>Reaffirms that female versus female ERBs are basically the equivalent of Diva Matches


ID: 95d44  No.91

CinimeaSins is still going strong at least.

ID: 1ee82  No.93


I stopped watching Man at Arms when Tony stopped doing the show. They parted ways with him for some reason and hired the 2edgy4u crowd to do these fucked up weapon crossovers and add DRAMA to the show.

It's bullshit.

ID: 7cb7f  No.94


Shit, I haven't actually watched it in so long that I didn't even know about that.

I mean I know they were doing a bunch of stupid shit like "Iron Man's sword", which like I said looked like the sort of cheesy merchandising crap they sell in a mall. I didn't know the show had actually changed hands.

ID: 1ee82  No.95


Yup, Tony's gone. Everything with the title Man At Arms Reforged is post-Tony. And is all noticeably shit. Tony actually seemed to give a fuck about what he was doing and put a lot of work into even the stuff he didn't have any particular enjoyment doing. And the technical details and craftsmanship he showed on the more realistic pieces was nice.

It makes me sad thinking about it. I might go back and watch some of Tony's stuff for nostalgia sake.

ID: 3755f  No.96

Uuugh… Epic Rap Battles. You know I spent a whole campaign to get that shit off Wikipedia for being non-notable, but then "news" outlets started covering it.

ID: 0e309  No.99

>waging wars over things being "non-notable"

You are the worst sort of wikipedophile.

ID: 6a5f3  No.100

I gave up on ERB when they did Breaking Bad vs Walking Dead.FUCK the "of history" part, right?

>yes yes, I'll forgive Lady Crappypopmusic vs Sarah Palin for being an early battle, there's no excuse now

This is what happens when you take battle suggestions from teenagers. Let me guess, they don't even curse anymore, right? They'll take the College Humor/Cracked route now that they're famous and water down.

Wanna rile up ERB fans? Mention MC Hawking, the Mel Brooks Hitler rap or the WKUK Hitler rap. They get ticked off if you even suggest ERB didn't invent rapping Hitler.

ID: 7cb7f  No.103

>FUCK the "of history" part, right?

… One of the first raps featured Darth Vader.

>This is what happens when you take battle suggestions from teenagers.

Would you like a cane to shake, old man?

ID: 978cc  No.104

Good thing they weren't about history
they OCCASIONALLY do history ones but the whole point is person A vs Person B having a rap battle

ID: 26732  No.118

I really liked the Zeus/Thor one. And the Ghostbuster one makes me wiggle and giggle (even if the Staypuff part is eh).

ID: 7cb7f  No.125

Just watched the latest.

Michael Bay motherfuckin' schooled everybody.

ID: 7cb7f  No.654

>Watch latest battle
>"This seems semi-decent so far."
>"Okay, now it's getting a little maudlin and hero-worshippy."
>"Oh fuck, where are they going with that li-"
>"… Yeah, that's bullshit."

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