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File: 1458344950362.jpg (64.11 KB, 624x468, hulk1_6294-624x468.jpg)

ID: 1808b  No.893

ID: e2d9c  No.894

I heard the best defense ever during that case.

In respone to the idea that Hulk Hogan, having been on radio shows talking about the size of his penis, is an inherently sexual character and therefore reporting on a sex tape is not an invasion of privacy: "The person in that tape was not Hulk Hogan. It was 'Terry Bollea' and it's his privacy that you violated"

ID: d28af  No.895

Word is that this could actually bring down Gawker completely, provided the decision isn't reversed on appeal. The company's only worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million total, and even if no additional damages are awarded during the punitive phase (which seems unlikely, given that the jury already gave Hogan more money than he'd asked for), losing a third of their budget would decimate them.

ID: 1808b  No.896

That's assuming they even want to appeal in the first place. I'm not an armseat lawyer here but word is being thrown around that if Gawker even wants to begin to appeal, they have to foot fifty million into escrow as part of the appeals process in Florida.

ID: 8b19f  No.897

Has anyone taken an anigif of the Hulk smashing Loki and labeled Loki "Gawker" yet?

ID: ab3d4  No.898

It gets better, Gawker has two options on appeal, neither of which are really great given their finances: Allow Hogan to collect (and punitive damages to be taken) before the appeal is resolved, or ask for a stay and have to put $50 million in escrow (refundable) or pay 10% of total damages (About $12 million) to a third party (non-refundable) as bond.

They are super fucked. Good riddance.

There are some potential First Amendment issues that might issue forth from this ruling as far as precedent goes, but right now I really just want to roast marshmallows on the flames of Gawker as it goes down.

ID: 8b19f  No.901

>There are some potential First Amendment issues that might issue forth from this ruling as far as precedent goes

That's what Gawker, its (very few) supporters, and a few "trolling is meaningful expression" people are saying.

However there's really no fear of any First Amendment issues here, for all of that. The video pretty clearly does not meet the standard of serving the public by its release, and thus does not justify the violation of Hogan's rights by its publication.

ID: d28af  No.902

Total damages stand at $140 million. Where things go from here is anyone's guess.

ID: ab3d4  No.903

There's a little bit about opening up news outlets to litigation from politicians for publishing certain things, this could be used as a precedent for that.

But with all that in mind, fuck 'em. Let Gawker burn, and let whatever miniscule precedent is set here get fought against in some case where actual journalism is at stake.

ID: 8b19f  No.904


Depending on what it is, I kind of think politicians should be able to do that.

I don't see why the fact that a lot of people know your name means you give up all right to privacy. If a politician is meeting in undisclosed meetings with CEOs or foreign officials, that is newsworthy. What they like to do in the bedroom should not be, unless they're fucking CEOs or foreign officials, or ducking out on their actual job to do so.

If we're going to say that politicians have to give up their right to privacy I think we then need to stop this whole "respect the office" facade.

ID: 4cd05  No.905


Jury rules that Gawker is liable for $15 million in additional punitive damages, founder Nick Denton is liable for $10 million, and former editor AJ Daulerio is liable for $100,000.

They are fuuuuuuucked.

ID: 61dd3  No.906

as even if a person have shown to be rather heavy sex life, and everyone knows who they are banging cause they reveal it publicly is fine as its on THEIR grounds.

>Just cause Jane is known to blow every guy in town doesn't mean shes fine with a video being shared around town without her ok.

ID: ab3d4  No.907

File: 1458643353930.gif (1.09 MB, 612x344, fV0hUik.gif)

Image related.

I had a long post typed up before I passed out last night and now it's gone. The short version: I agree with you, even public figures deserve Fourteenth Amendment protections; the worry is that the precedent could be used to chill reporting on actual newsworthy leaks by forcing a long court battle to prove newsworthiness; I think that's still a really minor thing and that can be contested when it comes along to make precedent more robust so it's not a real worry; also fuck Gawker, one of their idiots even admitted it wasn't newsworthy when on the stand, let them burn in their scummy hubris.

ID: 1808b  No.908

File: 1458658085800.jpg (35.83 KB, 500x375, aLbGeCT.jpg)

Straight from the Hulkster's twitter himself.

ID: b6c5f  No.914


The butthurt, it reeeeeeeks.

Also, I love how some of these fucks claim "b-b-but Hulk Hogan is a public person he has no right to privacy MUH FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!11!"

It's saddening to know how many of these dolts are Americans and even they don't know a goddamn thing about their country's Bill of Rights, especially the fact that First Amendment only protects them from government institutions, not individuals or private organizations.

ID: 4cd05  No.915


I was tickled to see Gawker finally admit they're a tabloid.

Oh I'm sorry "tabloid-leaning". Semantics!

ID: 8c6a9  No.916

My favorite part is they go "Apparantly the courts don't want us airing out people's dirty laundry, like WHEN HULK HOGAN WAS SUPER RACIST, YOU GUYS. The courts seem to think it's an invasion of privacy when you report that HULK HOGAN CHEATED ON HIS WIFE WITH HIS WIFE'S BEST FRIEND ON VIDEO"

It's like they're a cross between gossipy housewives and high school Mean Girls.

ID: 6044e  No.917


It's funny when you think about it. Gawker originally focused on Hulk Hogan not because of his racist slurs, but because of the sex video itself, even they admitted so in their articles. But now that they got bitchslapped by the court order they are trying to pull the "THEY ARE TRYING TO STOP US FROM POINTING OUT HOW RACIST HOGAN IS!! THEY ARE CENSORING THE TRUE PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS!!" card.

ID: 8b19f  No.918

Eh, they're just like any other dedicated troll… they get in trouble, they start howling about how noble what they do is, how they have all sorts of good reasons, etc.

Like 4chan-based "hacktivists". Yeah, DDoSing websites is free speech because… reasons.

ID: e6b5e  No.1011

ID: 8b19f  No.1012


The Hulkster News Network, coming soon to everywhere you got the Gawker Network.

ID: 008b8  No.1013

Is….is florida doing the right thing for once?

ID: 56cca  No.1014

Gawker is going down the tubes quick. They're reportedly looking at sale options (i.e., courting potential buyers) and have retained the services of a bank to set up a possible restructuring of the company.

ID: 8b19f  No.1015


Florida isn't nearly as crazy as everyone makes it out to be. The perception of it as being so is actually do to them having a much more, excusing the phrase, open and transparent system of allowing access to their government records than pretty much every other state. Pretty much anyone can get pretty much any police report almost as soon as it's filed, and very easily… means it's easy for reporters to just sit there watching for wacky, attention-grabbing stories that probably occur in other places too but aren't nearly as easy to hear about.

ID: 008b8  No.1016

Really cause being in florida we also have the same government trying to keep us out of those records we can get into mostly cause those same records contain things they may not want us to know about.

Its the weird thing about florida, the people here want to love its state, but we also have a government that is willing to bend over a table and let anyone fuck em if they have enough money. Just we would then have records of who did came by and when and where did they fuck our goverenment.

ID: ddab9  No.1017


So in total, the estimate they have to pay for damages is over 165 100 000 $. Way over half of their company's worth.

If this doesn't fucking destroy them I don't know what will.

ID: 4cd05  No.1026

ID: 9dca0  No.1027

File: 1465580748094.gif (171.22 KB, 375x375, HomerLaugh.gif)

ID: 9dca0  No.1028


Also, a friend of mine stated that Gawker could still remain up and running, however reading this bit from the article…

>Tellingly, the Gawker.com brand was not cited by Shah as one of the properties he valued, which opens the possibility that the site could be shuttered if Ziff Davis completed the acquisition.

It is very likely the main Gawker website could be meeting it's end if the interested buyer goes through with the purchase.

ID: 4cd05  No.1029


I have a feeling that it'll get divvied up and sold off to whomever wants it. Things like Deadspin, Jalopnik, and Kotaku will live on under new management, and all the peripheral sites like Jezebel will drift off into the sunset.

And Lifehacker will probably get absorbed by Buzzfeed.

ID: 8b19f  No.1030

I dearly hope that Kotaku gets bought by some anti-SJW who sticks a #GamerGate tag at the top of every page.

ID: 7a245  No.1031

Gawker and its various sites will go up for public auction as part of bankruptcy proceedings. They have a standing offer from Ziff-Davis, but ZD doesn't automatically win; they have to bid like everyone else. There's a rumor going around that Peter Thiel may step in to purchase Gawker himself, solely for the purpose of shutting it down.

ID: 50248  No.1032

my money is on kotaku being bought by activision. The entire site becomes marketing for overwatch.

ID: 0296c  No.1033




Don't you mean Blizzard?

ID: e2d9c  No.1034

The companies "merged" (I.e. Activison bought them)

ID: 008b8  No.1036

while they may have merged, they still are 5 units which oddly is
Activision, Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment, Major League gaming, and…King digital Entertainment…you know those guys who have Candy Crush and tried to sue anyone with saga in their name.

Though Overwatch is still under Blizzard Entertainment rather than Activision Blizzard.
also they bought Vivendi Games which in turn is also buying blizzard and Sierra entertainment…

ID: 33a9b  No.1043

ID: 14587  No.1047

ID: 14587  No.1056

File: 1471153449635.jpg (130.32 KB, 534x800, Hulk_hogan_2014.jpg)

Hogan gets control of Gawker's former editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio's assets: http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/judge-rules-that-hulk-hogan-gets-control-of-former-gawker-editors-assets/

ID: e9329  No.1057


>Daulerio was the Gawker staffer most instrumental in the posting of the Hogan sex tape,which led to Hogan getting a favorable jury verdict in an invasion of privacy trial in March.

>Daulerio’s co-defendants, Gawker Media and Nick Denton, have both filed for bankruptcy. As a result, the $115 million in compensatory damages awarded by the jury are all Daulerio’s responsibility. Daulerio also owes $100,000 in punitive damages.

Sweet, karmic justice.

ID: 14587  No.1058

Welp, Gawker's been bought out.

By Univision. Yeah, the spanish language network with their shitty novelas, hypetastic news, and scantily clad women.


ID: 008b8  No.1059

>only two bidders
Thats when you know you are not really liked…then again yahoo got bought up a while back

ID: bf0bf  No.1060


Hrmmmm. I don't think they are still coming out of this clean, still existing does not mean existing well, especially now they have to answer to someone else. What really matters to me is whether Univision puts their foot down on this sort of bullshit while gawker and co is under their authority. You don't just put down the majority of their debt without establishing a few ground rules going forward.

ID: 8b19f  No.1061


So the sensationalist clickbait will probably continue, but shift gears to sexy women instead of social justice most likely.

… I'd call that a step up overall.

ID: 6ab8f  No.1062

Gawker's various niche sites will stay online, but Gawker proper will be shut down.


ID: 9e144  No.1067

The last few articles on Gawker.com are long editorials about how they were 'gaslighted' by Peter Thiel and Hogan.

Yeah. No. I don't agree with either participant in this whole thing, but no. Just leave quietly already.

ID: 8b19f  No.1068


SJW to the end.

ID: 6ab8f  No.1069


Lengthy, fascinating piece in New York Magazine by a former Gawker staffer who ruminates about his time with the company and the reasons for its decline. There's not a lot of humility or navel-gazing (he calls Gawker "semi-respectable journalism" without a hint of irony, and says the site's freewheeling style is what made it so popular and made him want to work there), but there are a couple of interesting nuggets, like how Nick Denton was developing (and eventually abandoned) a proprietary publishing platform called "Kinja" that he envisioned as being a competitor to Facebook.

ID: b8399  No.1071


>Sam Biddle, one of Gawker’s best and most notoriously aggressive writers, had tweeted that the lesson of Gamergate was that nerds should be bullied into submission; this in turn led to a flood of tweets and emails to me demanding that he be disciplined; I responded in a mode that seemed appropriate: I goaded and dismissed and largely treated the people complaining with a great deal of contempt and flippancy.

>In retrospect: This was extremely stupid.

Well, no fucking shit, Sherlock.

ID: b8399  No.1074


Also, love how he states that everyone, including Nick, are to blame for Gawker's downfall, but he's being as mild and biased as possible towards Nick, while viciously tearing into Gamergate and Peter Thiel for their involvement (even throwing in a little bit of brown-nosing towards Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian while talking about Gamergate).

I'll quote Sechs here, "SJW to the end."

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